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  • Tantrum is about to be flicked by Huge Sky-Scraper on the card "Proportionist"


  • Tantrum is the first peek we had at the Nemesis symbol for Sky-Scraper, revealed before the actual hero.

To Other Works

  • As a diminutive female character with super-strength, she has a passing resemblance to non-villain Molly Hayes from Marvel's Runaways comic.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • How is Tantrum a nemesis of Sky-Scraper (it seems weird that an alien gladiator would have a nemesis on Earth)? It's often more useful to keep her around if SS isn't as well, what's she like? What we know about her from the card game: Tantrum looks like a small child who is very strong and is angry with Sky-Scraper. More info: she's a full-grown adult, but is stuck looking like this. She makes forcefields - this is helpful in defense, but also when she punches something it's the forcefield hitting them, allowing her to impart a lot of force without it having that "equal and opposite" force on her directly. She's also very hot headed. She's only a nemesis in that during the general Vengeance events she was sent to fight SS and there was a notable encounter there and there's an ongoing rivalry between them in stories when SS is on Earth.