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Alias: Crimson Jeffries
Approach: Relentlessness
Archetype: Preadator
Backstory: When Heathcliff Wolverhampton, Leandra Stockton, and Crimson Jeffries delved into the eldritch tome — The Fabric of Despair — seeking power,Crimson's skin turned to bone, transforming her into a deadly killing machine bent on destruction.
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Status: Health

Bone Spikes




0-1 Engaged Opponents




Close Combat


2-3 Engaged Opponents




Magical Lore


4+ Engaged Opponents




Osseous Form







Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgAttack)(rpgHinder) Taunting Slash A Attack using Close Combat. Use your Max die. If you chose that target to go next and they don't Attack you during their turn, Hinder th ier action using your Mid=Min die.
(rpgHinder) Inescapble R When an opponent moves away from you, you may roll your single status die as a Hinder against that opponent and you may follow them.
(rpgHinder) Wounding Stab A Hinder using Bone Spikes. Use your Max die. That penalty lasts until your next turn and while that penalty lasts, that hero cannot use reactions and cannot benefit from Defend actions
(rpgAttack) Hunt the Weak A Attack using Close Combat. Use your Max die. If the target has a penalty you created or is in the Red zone, use your Max+Mid dice instead