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Aliases: M’kk Dall’ton (called Mack Dalton on Earth)
Age: 136
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 84 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Birthplace: Vognild Prime
Power Source: Alien Bio-chemistry
Group Affiliation: The Maerynian Refugees, Prime Wardens. Freedom Six
Occupation: Maerynian Ambassador
First Appearance: Stranger in a Strange World #1
Complexity: 1
Set: Enhanced Edition
Nemesis: Grand Warlord Voss, Iron Legacy, Vyktor, and Balarian


HP: 26
Innate Power:
Squall - Tempest deals all Non-Hero Targets 1 Projectile Damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • Heroes are Immune to a damage type of your choice until the start of your next turn.
  • One Player may take an Ongoing card from their Trash into their hand.

Prime Wardens: Tempest

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Arc of Power - Play up to 3 cards. Each time you Play a card this way, the Environment deals Tempest 3 Lightning Damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a card now.
  • Destroy 1 Ongoing card.
  • Move one card from the Villain or Environment Trash into Play.

Freedom Six: Tempest

aka: Sacrifice Tempest

HP: 25
Innate Power:
Sacrifice - Destroy 1 of your cards. If you do, draw 3 cards.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player Draws 1 card now.
  • One Hero may use 1 Power now.
  • Discard the top card of each Deck.

XTREME Prime Wardens: Tempest

HP: 24
Innate Power:
Thunderstruck - Tempest deals 1 Target 1 Lightning damage. A Non-Character Target dealt damage this way loses any "End of Turn" effects on its card until the start of Tempest's next turn.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Until the start of your turn, Increase all Lightning damage by 2.
  • One Environment Target deals each Target 1 Lightning damage.
  • Destroy up to 2 Environment cards.

Prime Wardens: Tempest

Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

Innate Power:


Tempest Original Standard Front.png

The gravometric distortions emanating from Vognild Prime’s quadrenary star system influenced the unique evolutionary path of life on the planet’s surface. The highly intelligent Maerynians, for example, were able to take advantage of biogenic betavoltaics to influence atmospheric charge potentials. While this powerful ability had enormous beneficial applications, it also had great potential to inflict harm. After a series of devastating wars, the ancient Maerynians realized that their only option for a stable existence was peace and built for themselves a global society of scholars and engineers.

Yet the peace of Vognild Prime was eventually shattered by Grand Warlord Voss and his gene-bound legions. Voss is a collector of sorts; while some collect rare coins or relics of lost civilizations, Grand Warlord Voss collects races, integrating the most powerful specimens into his ever-growing army and destroying the rest. The Feethsmar of Gadrion Delta, the Banshees of Vdronix, and even the mighty Trodcullons of Radirniste Sigma all serve under Voss’s command, their loved ones laid low by their own hands.

When Grand Warlord Voss’s minions descended upon Vognild Prime, the peaceful Maerynians were completely overwhelmed - their numbers decimated in mere hours. By the time they were able to mount a resistance, it was already too late for their world. The resistance fighters bought time for some few of their race to escape; those who remained were either killed or forcibly conscripted as soldiers in the army of Grand Warlord Voss.

M’kk Dall’ton, a Maerynian ambassador and scientist, was placed in charge of one of the 16 escape pods that managed to escape the ruin of Vognild Prime. When scanners revealed a life-supporting planet within the nearby Milky Way Galaxy, the small fleet charted a course for Earth. As they neared our world, they were ambushed by one of Voss’s dreadnoughts. As the enemy ship opened fire on the small group of escape pods, M’kk Dall’ton’s ship was hit and began plummeting towards Earth. Crash-landing in the wilderness, only M’kk and a few others survived.

After helping hide the ship, M’kk volunteered to scout the area surrounding the crash site in hopes of finding food, shelter, and perhaps even sentient life. However, while searching the woods, the wounded ambassador was caught unprepared again as sirens approached from afar. Clearly, whatever was emitting those sounds could not be a welcoming party. As the blaring sirens grew closer to the wounded Maerynians, M’kk took a route far from the crash site, leaving a clear trail and drawing the pursuers away. M’kk was eventually apprehended by oddly dressed troops who declared themselves to be agents of the Federal Initiative to Limit Terrorism by Extraterrestrial Races. They detained their captive in a mobile prison and began the lengthy journey to the secretive F.I.L.T.E.R headquarters

During transport, M’kk overheard the guards discuss other powerful beings on the planet who stood as sentinels against global devastation. Remembering the horrific destruction of Vognild Prime, the powerful Maerynian summoned a storm of ice and wind, shredding the prison and scattering the F.I.L.T.E.R. agents. Taking the name “Tempest”, M’kk set out to enlist the help of the rumored heroes to stop Voss’s path of destruction.

Tempest Prime Wardens Standard Front.png

Prime Wardens: Tempest

Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

The alien who is a stranger in a land which offers unfamiliarity and persecution, Tempest has gone from a creature on the run to a well-respected hero and savior for both the Maerynian people and the human race. As a member of the Prime Wardens, Tempest seeks to save all those who would stand for what is right, and fights those who would oppress and destroy.


The Maerynian hero Tempest knows loss all too well. Most of Tempest's kinfolk were subjugated in Grand Warlord Voss's attack on their homeworld. The planet Vognild Prime itself was lost to the Maerynian people, Tempest included. Even the loss of self control in the face of a terrible nemesis is a loss felt well by Tempest.

However, with all that loss came some gain. A new world. A new home. Allies and friends, as well as a new beginning. And while working with those new allies, in an expedition to the Lost City of Atlantis, Tempest recovered an artifact that would become an extension of the Maerynian's power and will: an ancient sword. M'kk Dall'ton could channel command of the elements and ionized air along the length of the blade, and felt a deep connection to the blade.

So, when this world was faced with the potential loss of a magical musician, Tempest readily answered the call to face Akash'Bhuta. Now, as a member of the Prime Wardens, Tempest pushes for protection of the innocent and the destruction of those who visit loss on others. Tempest has experience great loss, but has found great purpose.

Freedom Six: Tempest

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $40k stretch reward.

Alternate Future from main timeline; Iron Legacy Variant

Mack Dalton had seen one of the best members of the human race become one of the worst tyrants ever. After losing an arm to Iron Legacy, the fight left Tempest. The Maerynian hero sought safety and isolation. However, when Tachyon circled the globe, assembling a new team, she found the alien hero formerly known as Tempest. Now, knowing the true terror of tyranny, Tempest is a proud and resolute member of the newly formed Freedom Six.

Tempest Freedom Six Standard Front.png
Tempest XTREME Prime Wardens Foil Front.png

XTREME Prime Wardens: Tempest

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $450k stretch reward.

Alternate Timeline

See their introduction in the ARG Event

Sentinel Tactics: Tempest

Legacyicon.png Legacy Wants to Remind You! This following information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

Announced character for Sentinel Tactics: Prime War

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Art References

  • Tempest is missing an arm on his Incapacitated side. His Freedom Six incarnation is also missing an arm, and has replaced it with one made of living energy.
  • The card "Reclaim From the Deep" shows Tempest recovering numerous items from the ocean floor. Among them are:
    • The Staff of Ra.
    • Bunker's helmet.
    • DC's Wonder-Woman's gauntlets and Lasso of Truth.
    • DC's Green Lantern's power ring.
    • Marvel's Captain America's shield.
    • A difficult to identify white object.
    • In the distance, shady like, possibly the Bat Plane (DC comics).



  • While Tempest's biography on the official Sentinels of the Multiverse website implies that M'kk was able to divert the F.I.L.T.E.R. agents sent to capture the Maerynians away from the main crash site, thus allowing the other members of his species to avoid capture, his biography in the Enhanced Edition official rulebook states that F.I.L.T.E.R. captured all the survivors of the crash. No information exists to confirm the true fate of his fellow surviving Maerynians.


  • Tempest's name, M'kk Dall'ton, which can be pronounced as Mack Dalton, is perhaps an homage to DC Comic's Martian Manhunter. The Manhunter's real name is J'onn J'onzz, which can be pronounced as the human name "John Jones."
  • Tempest's ability to talk to fish (as shown on "Aquatic Correspondence") is a reference to DC's Aquaman.
  • Tempest's weather manipulation powers are similar to those of the Marvel X-Men character Storm.
  • The "Sky Sparkle" shown on "Into the Stratosphere" is a common trope in the anime and manga genres.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Tempest Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Tempest's standing in a crater using his right arm to stem the blood coming from his missing left arm


Aquatic Correspondence (x2)
Draw 3 cards.
Art: Tempest talking to a confused fish;
Flavor-text: "So... have you seen anything going on down here? Under the water?" - Tempest, Stranger in Strange World #2
Ball Lightning (x2)
Tempest deals 1 Target 4 Lightning Damage. You may destroy up to 2 Ongoing cards.
Art: Tempest shooting an arc of lightning of his arm;
Flavor-text: "The polarizing power of electricity can produce many interesting results." - Tempest, Freedom Five #618
Chain Lightning (x3)
Tempest deals 1 Target 4 Lightning Damage. Tempest may deal a second Target 3 Lightning Damage. Tempest may deal a third Target 2 Lightning Damage.
Art: Tempest standing on a building shooting an arc of lightning that is hitting three people;
Flavor-text: "Yes, by all means, clump together... " - Tempest, Stranger in Strange World #6
Flash Flood (x2)
Destroy up to 2 Environment cards.
Art: A red man being dragged away by a flood;
Flavor-text: "The waters rise at my command - begone, interloper!" - Tempest, Stranger in Strange World #3
Into the Stratosphere (x3)
Select 1 non-indestructible Villain card in play, other than a Character card, and put it on top of the Villain deck. Tempest deals the Villain Target with the highest HP 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: Tempest launching an item into the stratosphere;
Flavor-text: "Away with you!" - Tempest, Justice Comics #597
Lightning Slash (x3)
Tempest deals 1 Target 5 Lightning Damage.
Art: Tempest with lightning from his eyes as he readies an arc of lightning;
Flavor-text: "The air itself is my weapon; its strengths are mine." - The Argent Adept, Tome of the Bizarre #29
Reclaim from the Deep (x3)
Each player may take a card from their trash and put it on top of their Hero deck. You may draw a card.
Art: Tempest deep underwater seeing Wonder Woman's bracers, Wonder Woman's lasso, what looks like Captain America's shield, Bunker's helmet, and The Staff of Ra;
Flavor-text: The detonation of Baron Blade's platform scattered the resulting wreckage. - Narrator


Cleansing Downpour (x2)
Power: Each Hero Target regains 2 HP.
Art: Dark clouds in the sky are striking Lightning down upon the building below;
Flavor-text: "Water ionized while still in the atmosphere produces a most rejuvenating rain." - Tempest, Freedom Five Annual #17
Grievous Hail Storm (x3)
Power: Tempest deals each non-Hero Target 2 Cold Damage.
Art: Hail stones hitting an irritated Grand Warlord Voss in the head;
Flavor-text: "Inclement weather? Weather patterns should not be able to derail our attack!" - Grand Warlord Voss, Stranger in Strange World #9
Localized Hurricane (x2)
Increase Damage dealt to Tempest by 1.
Power: Tempest deals up to 2 Targets 3 Projectile Damage each. You may draw 2 cards.
Power: Destroy this card.
Art: Two tornadoes with what looks like Tempest in one and flames in the other;
Flavor-text: "The eye of the storm is a place of great power, and of great risk." - Grand Warlord Voss, Stranger in Strange World #9

Ongoing, Limited

Electrical Storm (x3)
At the start of your turn, Tempest deals each non-Hero Target 1 Lightning Damage.
Art: A lightning storm in what looks like Megalopolis;
Flavor-text: "There's a storm brewin'... better find some cover." - Bunker, Stranger in Strange World #4
Otherworldly Resilience (x3)
Reduce Damage dealt to Tempest by 1.
Art: Tempest with purple Kirby bubbles coming off him;
Flavor-text: "The weapons of this world are primitive, and their workings inelegant." - Tempest, Stranger in Strange World #1
Shielding Winds (x3)
Whenever a Hero Target would be dealt 5 or more Damage from a single source, reduce that Damage by 2.
Art: Visionary having an attack blocked by a gust of wind;
Flavor-text: "The very elements protect them from harm?!" - Citizen Summer, Freedom Five #599
Vicious Cyclone (x2)
Play this card next to a Target. At the start of your turn, discard up to 3 cards. Tempest deals that Target 1 Projectile Damage for each card discarded this way. If the Target leaves play, destroy this card.
Art: First Lieutenant Vyktor caught in the middle of a cyclone;
Flavor-text: "You cannot be allowed to continue such actions!" - Tempest, A Day in the Life: Tempest

Equipment, Limited

Elemental Subwave Inducer (x2)
At the start of your turn, select a Damage type. All Damage dealt by Tempest this turn is of that type. Reduce Damage to Tempest of that type by 1 until the start of your next turn.
Art: A device attached to Tempest's back with tendrils doing down each of Tempest's arm with meteors falling from the sky;
Flavor-text: "Maerynian technology functions so far beyond our current capacity." - Tachyon, Science & Progress One-Shot
Gene-Bound Shackles (x2)
Increase Damage dealt by Tempest to the Villain Target with the highest HP by 2.
Art: Tempest breaking the link of shackles put on him;
Flavor-text: M'kk Dall'ton broke free from Voss's clutches, but kept the shackles as a reminder... and a promise. - Narrator

Sentinel Tactics: Tempest Power Cards

Not Yet Released


Fireside Chats

  • Freedom Six Tempest may not destroy his own character card.
  • When Provocator Tarnis redirects “the first damage to a non-hero target beside himself each turn”, and Tempest is dealing multiple instances of damage, only the first target that would receive damage gets the damage redirected.
  • One-shots are not considered or counted as “cards in play.” That means Into the Stratosphere or Cedistic Dissonant cannot destroy one-shots that are currently being played.
  • Spite: Agent of Gloom has new text added on both sides of his character card: “Face-down villain cards are indestructible.” This prevents Cedistic Dissonant and Into the Stratosphere from affecting those cards.
  • Chain Lightning and Grenade Launcher work like Inferno in that the available targets for the later damages are based on the target actually dealt damage by the previous ones (including redirects).

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Cleansing Downpour

  • If a card is not Limited, you may have multiple copies of it in play. However, each copy of the card is considered its own power. Since you are limited to activating one power per turn, you may thus only activate one of the two “instances” of the power during your power phase. Example: If you have two copies of “Cleansing Downpour” (one of Tempest’s cards) in play (which reads “Power: Each Hero regains 2 HP.”), you can use either “instance” of the power on your power phase, but in either case, the power will simply work as written (i.e., each hero will regain 2 HP). If for some reason you can use an additional power on your turn, you may opt to use a second “instance” of the power on Cleansing Downpour since they come from different distinct cards.

Sacrifice (F6 Tempest base power)

  • The base power on Tempest’s “Freedom” alternate hero card says “Power: destroy 1 of your cards. if you do, draw 3 cards.” Tempest may destroy any of his cards, including cards which have been moved under another card (under La Capitan, for example) because cards which are under other cards lose their game text but not their type, so they are still Tempest’s cards. Rules Answers from PAX Tempest may not destroy his own character card with this power. Fireside Chats

Shielding Winds

  • This card reads “whenever a hero target would be dealt 5 or more damage from a single source, reduce that damage by 2”. Each instance of damage is a separate source, so if a single target (a villain, for example) dealt three different instances of damage to a character in a single round, each instance would be evaluated by “Shielding Winds” separately. The fact that all three came from the same ‘source’ (the villain) isn’t relevant.

Vicious Cyclone damage

  • This card reads in part, “Play this card next to a target. at the start of your turn, discard up to 3 cards. Tempest deals that target 1 projectile damage for each card discarded this way”. how is this affected by effects which increase damage? Normally, if you discard 3 cards, you would deal the target 3 damage (1 + 1 + 1). However, if there is a +1 to damage modifier in play, discarding 3 cards would deal the target 6 damage ((1 + 1) + (1 + 1) + (1 + 1) = 6).