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Fireside Chats

  • Freedom Six Tempest may not destroy his own character card.
  • When Provocator Tarnis redirects “the first damage to a non-hero target beside himself each turn”, and Tempest is dealing multiple instances of damage, only the first target that would receive damage gets the damage redirected.
  • One-shots are not considered or counted as “cards in play.” That means Into the Stratosphere or Cedistic Dissonant cannot destroy one-shots that are currently being played.
  • Spite: Agent of Gloom has new text added on both sides of his character card: “Face-down villain cards are indestructible.” This prevents Cedistic Dissonant and Into the Stratosphere from affecting those cards.
  • Chain Lightning and Grenade Launcher work like Inferno in that the available targets for the later damages are based on the target actually dealt damage by the previous ones (including redirects).
  • Xtreme Prime Wardens Tempest's power can interrupt an in progress End of Turn effect. For example, if a Gene-Bound Frost Hound is made to hit a Dynamic Siphon first, which allows Tempest to blast the Frost Hound, then that pupsicle is done. No more text - no more effect.
  • If Sub-Zero Atmosphere changes an End of Turn effect to a Start of Turn effect, Xtreme Prime Wardens Tempest’s ability still removes the effect. They are still “End of Turn” effects that have just been moved to the Start of Turn.
  • If an End of Turn effect has been removed by Xtreme Prime Wardens Tempest and Sub-Zero Atmosphere comes into play, the removed action does not occur at the Start of Turn, for the same reasons as above.

Spiff's Clarifications

Cleansing Downpour

  • If a card is not Limited, you may have multiple copies of it in play. However, each copy of the card is considered its own power. Since you are limited to activating one power per turn, you may thus only activate one of the two “instances” of the power during your power phase. Example: If you have two copies of “Cleansing Downpour” (one of Tempest’s cards) in play (which reads “Power: Each Hero regains 2 HP.”), you can use either “instance” of the power on your power phase, but in either case, the power will simply work as written (i.e., each hero will regain 2 HP). If for some reason you can use an additional power on your turn, you may opt to use a second “instance” of the power on Cleansing Downpour since they come from different distinct cards.

Sacrifice (F6 Tempest base power)

  • The base power on Tempest’s “Freedom” alternate hero card says “Power: destroy 1 of your cards. if you do, draw 3 cards.” Tempest may destroy any of his cards, including cards which have been moved under another card (under La Capitan, for example) because cards which are under other cards lose their game text but not their type, so they are still Tempest’s cards. Rules Answers from PAX Tempest may not destroy his own character card with this power. Fireside Chats

Shielding Winds

  • This card reads “whenever a hero target would be dealt 5 or more damage from a single source, reduce that damage by 2”. Each instance of damage is a separate source, so if a single target (a villain, for example) dealt three different instances of damage to a character in a single round, each instance would be evaluated by “Shielding Winds” separately. The fact that all three came from the same ‘source’ (the villain) isn’t relevant.

Vicious Cyclone damage

  • This card reads in part, “Play this card next to a target. at the start of your turn, discard up to 3 cards. Tempest deals that target 1 projectile damage for each card discarded this way”. how is this affected by effects which increase damage? Normally, if you discard 3 cards, you would deal the target 3 damage (1 + 1 + 1). However, if there is a +1 to damage modifier in play, discarding 3 cards would deal the target 6 damage ((1 + 1) + (1 + 1) + (1 + 1) = 6).