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Template for the file page for uploaded covers. Any category marked as optional may be left blank, or ideally omitted entirely.

|date=In-universe month and/or year of the issue the cover is for.
|issue=The issue title, volume, and/or number.
|episode=If a Letters Page episode, the episode number. (Exclusive with "purpose".)
|purpose=The real world project the cover is for. Can contain links to wiki pages. (Exclusive with "episode".)
|original=(optional) Link to the original file.
|notes=(optional) For any additional info that needs mentioning.
|source=(optional) Where the cover comes from. Options are: Letters Page, Board Game, RPG, Tactics, ARG, or leave empty for other sources.
|artist=(optional) The artist's name. Will default to Adam Rebottaro if left out.
|year=The real world year the cover was made.