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Template for Back page of the RPG sheets. Any category marked Optional may be left blank, or ideally omitted entirely. Any parameter with a # should start with a 1, and increase incrementally as needed.

Unless otherwise instructed, do not include wiki markup or links.

<tab name="Second Page" >
|power#=As many as needed for each Power
|powerdie#=The die for each power. Use just the number (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) (or 0 for Bunkers Modes)
|bunker=Yes. Changes the background of Bunker cells to be their colors, and to say Modes instead of powers. Optional
|quality#=As many as needed for each Quality. 
|qualitydie#=Same as powerdie#
|greendie=The die for Green Status. Same as powerdie
|greenrange=The health range for Green
|yellowdie=Die for Yellow status. Same as powerdie
|yellowrange=The health range for Yellow
|reddie=Die for Red Status. Same as powerdie
|redrange=Health range for Red
|greenname#=Name for green abilities, top to bottom. 1-6
|greentype#=Type for green ability
|greentext#=Text for green abiility
|greenicon#=Icons for green abilities. use Attack, Defend, Overcome, Hinder, Boost, Recover, AtRe, DeBo, AtHi, AtBo, AtDe, BoHi, AtBoHi. Optional
|yellowname#=Same as Green abilities 1-4
|redname#=Same as Green abilities 1-3
|grey=The grey ability text.