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Template for References/Clarifications for Character Pages. All values optional

The following parameters should all contain bullet lists using the standard * wikicode. The text can contain internal and external links, formatting wikicode, and should use <ref></ref> tags for any sources per the Cite extension. (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Cite)

Use either Artwork/Unconfirmed/Confirmed/TO Other Works OR Fireside/Spiff but not both.

|Type=Reference (use the first 4) or Clarification (use Spiff/Fireside) - Minor acts as References, but doesn't show as much
|Name=Characters Name this reference/carification is for
|Artwork=References of which various pieces of art in a particular deck or cards refer to other in-game cards, characters, events, or decks.
|Unconfirmed=References that could be true and the community has generally accepted, but has not yet had a stamp of approval either from one of the GtG members or from actual card proof.
|Confirmed=References that have been confirmed by GtG members, with a source link if possible to the post/podcast/article/whatever. 
|To Other Works=References to non-GtG media and real life in general.
|Questions=The Questions asked on the Podcast 'The Letters Page' about this character. All Story information should be put into the /comics page of a character.
|Fireside=Anything sourced from the Fireside Chats at https://greaterthangames.com/forum/topic/clarifications-and-decisions-from-handelabra-christophers-fireside-chats-6773
|Spiff= Anything sourced from Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications at http://www.spiffworld.com/sotm/files/sotm_rules_and_clarifications.pdf