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Template for Back page of the Sentinel Tactics Character panels.. Any category marked Optional may be left blank, or ideally omitted entirely. Any parameter with a # should start with a 1, and increase incrementally as needed.

Unless otherwise instructed, do not include wiki markup or links.

|action=Number for actions
|defense=Number for Defense
|movement=Number for Movement
|movetype=Up, Down, or Middle
|health=Total number of health boxes. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
|image=file name of the image. Do not include File:
|innate#=Innate abilities, 1-4. Arranged clockwise from top left to bottom left. So, for 1 innate ability and 1 attack (aka, Legacy), use 1 and 3. Wiki code accepatable (such as {{tacticsHit}}