Temple of Zhu Long

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Environment: Temple of Zhu Long

Set: Villains

Hidden amongst the peaks of the Himalayas, the Temple of Zhu Long is a place of many eldritch secrets. The mystic Zhu Long keeps his magics hidden from the world there, protected by his scores of apprentices, wards, and assassins. Many find themselves in life-debt to Zhu Long, and it is a steep debt indeed. But what price could be a fair one for cheating death itself?

Surrounded by unfavorable conditions, Zhu Long has found a spot which harnesses the harshest of ley-lines in order to perform his rituals. You would be wise to never visit the Temple of Zhu Long. However, sometimes, there is no other way. The ancient purveyor of life and death holds the keys to certain doors which should remain closed.

Master of the Temple (x3)
At the end of the Environment turn, search the Environment deck and trash for The True Form. Put it into play. Shuffle the Environment trash into its deck. The True Form deals each non-Environment target 1 toxic damage and 1 radiant damage. Then, destroy this card.
Art: Zhu Long covered in flames shedding his skin to transform into a dragon;
Flavor text: Before their very eyes, the man burst into celestial red flames, but he did not burn. Instead, he shed his human form for one much more terrifying.
Mysterious Ceremonies (x3)
At the start of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of the Environment deck. If it is a target, discard it. Otherwise, put it into play. At the end of the Environment turn, 1 player may either draw 3 cards or play 1 card. If no cards are drawn or played this way, destroy this card.
Art: What appears to be the Operative and an old lady burning incense with a large man with his towards them with who has a tattoo on his back;
Flavor text: Chime of a bronze bell. Hair of a black and gold cat. Fragrance of holy lotus blossoms grown on the highest Himalayan peak. All necessary components.
Resurrection Ritual (x1)
Whenever a non-character Villain target is destroyed, put it under this card. At the end of the Environment turn, if The True Form or Zhu Long is in play, put the bottom card under this card into play. When this card is destroyed, put all cards under this card in the Villain trash.
Art: Zhu Long looking on as energy comes out of a pillar into a wrapped body on a slab;
Flavor text: The shinobi halted their chanting, and a light emanated from the ceremonially prepared corpse. "Another returned from the brink," intoned the master.
Rites of Revival (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, each player may discard any number of cards. If H-icon.png plus 2 cards are discarded this way, flip an incapacitated Hero character card, restore it to 8 HP, and that Hero's player shuffles their cards into their deck and draws 2 cards. Heroes returned from Incapacitation this way cannot damage Environment targets this game.
Art: Expatriette, Nightmist and Setback looking on as Mister Fixer comes out of a red pool;
Flavor text: "Your friend?" mocked the ancient mystic. "I know who you speak of, but I don't know that I could call him your friend. Does he recognize you at all?"

Dragon's Student

Apprentice Poisoner [3] (x3)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the 3 non-Environment targets with the lowest HP 1 toxic damage each. When this card is destroyed, it first deals each non-Environment target 1 toxic damage.
Art: A Apprentice Poisoner holding a dripping thread and needle;
Flavor text: "I learned much from the poisoners in that temple," mused the Operative as she slid another needle into K.N.Y.F.E.'s twitching back. "Perhaps too much."
Shinobi Assassin [3] (x3)
When this card enters play, it deals the non-Environment target with the lowest HP 3 melee damage. When this card would be destroyed, move it to the top of a Hero deck instead. When this card would be drawn, discarded, revealed, or played, put it into play in the Environment play area.
Art: A Shinobi Assassin standing on the edge of the snowy temple;
Flavor text: The slightest sigh of a falling leaf was the only sound to mark their passing. All slept soundly through the night. Some never woke again.

Master Dragon

The True Form [13] (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deal the non-Environment target with the second highest HP 3 radiant damage and 3 toxic damage. Whenever a target is destroyed by damage dealt by this card, play the top card of the Environment deck.
Art: Mr Fixer standing before the True Form of Zhu Long a dragon;
Flavor text: The newly revived martial artist turned to enter the master's chamber, advising his allies as he left: "When you stare down the dragon, you better not blink."

Meta: Temple of Zhu Long

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  • "Rites of Revival" shows the scene when the nascent Dark Watch team have arrived at the Temple and are shown into a room just as the resurrected Mr. Fixer emerges from the pool. He's essentially mindless at this point and attacks them immediately.


  • The process of reanimation depicted on "Rites of Revival" that brought Mr. Fixer back from death isn't true resurrection. Zhu Long uses two processes, one repairs a body and makes what Adam and Christopher called a "healthy zombie", the second process is what captures the deceased's soul and traps it in the body prepared previously. Mr. Fixer was not returned to true "life" at this point and his bitterness is more or less a result of him (unknown to himself or other heroes at the time) being forced to haunt his own body. (Letters Page 10)

To Other Works

  • At his temple Zhu Long has a pool used to revive people as seen on the card Rites of a Revival. It is known having gone through this that Mr Fixer isn't himself upon his resurrection. This is similar to Lazurus Pit used by the Batman villlain Ra's Al Ghul


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Fireside Chats

  • When a hero is incapacitated, any copies of Shinobi Assassin in their deck are moved to the Environment trash.
  • When Santa Guise moves Shinobi Assassin from the top of the hero deck to the hero’s play area (remaining face down), nothing special happens. But when it is flipped and played, then it goes to the environment play area.
  • Suppose Prophetic Vision is used on the environment deck, and Shinobi Assassin is revealed. It immediately enters play and deals its damage. It counts as one of the 3 cards revealed, so the Visionary would only have 2 cards to choose from for the rest of Prophetic Vision.
  • The Rites of Revival process is unique in that it is uninterruptable. Once it begins, it will finish all the text on that card, even if Rites of Revival is destroyed in the process. Cards that would react to a target entering play, react AFTER the whole process has been completed. The clause about “cannot deal damage to environment targets” can be interrupted if the card is destroyed. There is a text change to Rites of Revival: “draw 2 cards” is changed to read “puts 2 cards from the top of their deck into their hand”.
  • Suppose Sky-Scraper is incapacitated and has used the “become a target” incapacitated ability. If she is revived using Rites of Revival, the 1 HP indestructible target status is wiped, and she is her regular self at 8 HP with a 33 HP max and is fully destructible. Rites of Revival essentially resets the character, starting anew.
  • When you put a card under Resurrection Ritual, it goes directly underneath, on top of any other cards already underneath.
  • Rites of Revival can be used with the Sentinels when they are all incapacitated. You choose only one to flip up, which also flips up the setup card.
  • If Setback is incapacitated and revived via Rites of Revival, his unlucky pool is reset to 0.
  • Suppose a hero’s cards have been removed from the game, and the hero gets incapacitated so the rest of their cards get removed from the game too. When you use Rites of Revival, all of their cards come back. "I am a benevolent jerk." - Christopher
  • If a Shinobi Assassin is on top of Ra’s deck and he plays Summon Staff, the assassin gets shuffled into Ra's deck.
  • When Shinobi Assassin is on top of a hero deck, it does not prevent the draw, discard, reveal, or play actions. When it is interacted with, it takes effect and enters play, but the original action continues with the top hero card. For example, if you draw a card, the Shinobi Assassin enters play, and then you draw the top card.
  • However, If something is specifically trying to play/reveal an environment card and it comes up with Shinobi Assassin, it doesn't go on to the next card, as it got what it was looking for. For example, Inconceivable Obstruction does not reveal another card.
  • If Prophetic Vision reveals the top 3 cards of the environment deck, and one of them is a Shinobi Assassin, the Shinobi Assassin gets put into play, does its damage and then the Visionary chooses between the 2 remaining cards.
  • If Last Stop reveals a Shinobi Assassin, the Assassin jumps into play, deals its damage, then Fright Train deals his damage. The part "discard that environment card" is disregarded because the Assassin is now in play and cannot be discarded.
  • Adhesive Foam Grenade prevents a Shinobi Assassin from being played from a hero deck (e.g. Prime Wardens Fanatic’s innate power). It could be revealed, and it could be put into play, but it couldn’t be played.
  • The text “look at” is changed to “reveal” on these cards: Extrasensory Awareness, Gauge, Updated Intel, and Inventive Preparation. “Reveal” activates Shinobi Assassin but “look at” does not (this will be important for certain cards in the future).
  • The behaviour of Shinobi Assassin when you draw a card (or take another action which is then repeated if Shinobi Assassin interrupts it) is adjusted so that you draw the next card before the effects on Shinobi Assassin occur.