The Celestial Tribunal/Clarifications

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  • A hero in the game due to Celestial Tribunal counts as being active in the game.
  • A variant of a hero already in the game may be selected for Representative of Earth. If the power on the card refers to the hero name, it uses the rules introduced with Void Guard about heroes in play areas. Any cards that name the hero only specifically affect and are aware of the play area that card is in.
  • A card that has been removed from the game cannot be used as the Representative of Earth.
  • The hero character card next to Representative of Earth is a “hero” for the purposes of other effects. For example, Greatest Legacy can make it use a power.
  • The power usage on Character Witness works just like I Can Do That Too! "You” and “your” refer to the player owning the hero who uses the power, and the hero names are replaced. “Your next turn” is the next turn of the hero using the power. “Your deck” is the deck belonging to the hero using the power.
  • Construct cards (such as Cosmic Weapon) can be played next to the Representative of Earth character card. A hero using the power on that character card cannot choose to use Cosmic Weapon's power instead.
  • The hero character next to Representative of Earth counts as an active hero for the purpose of effects that care about “active heroes,” like Plague Rat and Infection. They do not affect (H), but they can be Infected and they do cause their mini-nemeses to use their “active hero” text (except for the Sentinels, see below).
  • When a nemesis card checks if The Sentinels are in play, and “Representative of Earth” has brought only 1 member of The Sentinels into the game, it does not count as The Sentinels being in the game. Such a check requires all four members, active or not.
  • When cards like Character Witness and Called to Judgement allow the players to use the power on the character card next to Representative of Earth, it does not matter if that power has already been used that turn. Like Pride and Prejudice, they are being specifically told to use that power now.
  • Cards like Proverbs and Axioms and Dynamic Siphon can allow the hero next to Representative of Earth to use a power. The player who played the card responsible decides what happens with that power. No text is replaced on the power. “Your turn” in this case means the environment turn. That power cannot be used again in a turn unless specifically stated otherwise. But they could use another power they somehow had access to, such as a Cosmic Weapon!
  • If the Sentinels use The Hunted Naturalist’s power (via Representative of Earth), the Form effects apply to all of the members of the Sentinels. Yay? Fun?
  • If Legacy is selected as the Representative of Earth and he uses his power, the +1 damage hangs around until the start of the next Environment turn, even if Legacy/Representative of Earth has left play.
  • Heroes who use Setback’s power via Representative of Earth gain Unlucky Tokens, even if they have no way to utilize them. They’re souvenirs!

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications