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The Dreamer




Aliases: Vanessa Long
Age: 17
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: 97lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Violet
Birthplace: Unknown
Power Source: Science
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Adventurer, Time Traveler
First Appearance: Freedom Five #422
Complexity: 2
Hero Set: Enhanced Edition, Sentinel Tactics: Uprising
Nemesis: The Dreamer, Citizens Hammer and Anvil, and Major Flay


Aliases: Vanessa Long
Age: 6
Height: 3’2”
Weight: 35 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Power Source: Latent Psychic Powers
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Comatose Patient
First Appearance: Nightmare World #1
Villain Difficulty: 3
Villain Set: Shattered Timelines]
Nemesis: The Visionary

The Dreamer

Villain Deck

HP: 6
Title: The Dreamer Dreams / Roused From Slumber


Hero Deck

HP: 26
Innate Power:
Enlighten - 1 Player Draws 2 cards, then Discards 1 card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Destroy a Target with 1 HP.
  • Destroy an Environment card.
  • Destroy an Ongoing card.

Dark Visionary

Hero Variant

HP: 25
Innate Power:
Turmoil - Reveal the top 2 cards of a deck. Put 1 on top and 1 on the bottom of the deck.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero Target regains 1 HP.
  • One Player May Draw 1 card now.
  • Move 1 Environment card from the Environment Trash to the top of the Environment deck.

Visionary: Unleashed

Hero Variant

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Crushing Lucidity - The Visionary deals 1 Target X Psychic damage, where X = the number of your Ongoing cards in Play plus 1.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Target deals itself 1 Psychic damage.
  • Each Player may discard a card. Any Player that does draws 2 cards.
  • Select a damage type. Until the start of your next turn, increase all damage of that type by 1.

Sentinel Tactics: Visionary

HP: 4
Actions: 2
Defense: 3
Movement: 2
Innate Powers:
Brain Burn - Ongoing Ability - If the Visionary would be incapacitated, she first makes this attack:


Mind Spike - Action Ability




Visionary Original Standard Front.png

With the fall of South Korea to North Korea and rumors of nuclear testing near the Chinese-Tibetan border, the late 2000s brought with them a growing suspicion of hostilities from the Far East. When the Chinese began establishing military bases throughout the Pacific Islands and finally announced their nuclear stockpile, the U.S.’s suspicions of China’s aggressive new regime were confirmed.

Not wanting to come out the losers of this new Cold War, President Hargett secretly authorized the Department of Defense to begin testing methods of creating bio-engineered soldiers. Early iterations of testing were limited to solders already on active duty, but then Secretary of Defense Anthony Partin greenlit Project Cocoon. Selected from a census of already pregnant Chinese couples with combined high academic test scores, Sun and Pao Long were offered $500,000 to allow scientists to inject their unborn baby with Compound PSY-200.

After six months of weekly injections, Sun gave birth to Vanessa Long. Kept at the testing facility, Vanessa began to exhibit psychic abilities by the age of two months, able to move and manipulate small objects from only a few feet away. At three months, Vanessa’s mother suddenly dropped dead. Unable to confirm that Sun’s fatal brain aneurysm was unrelated to the injections, President Hargett ordered the program to be shut down. Plagued with grief over his lost wife, Pao wanted nothing to do with his infant daughter and left her in the care of the U.S. government. The sole success of the program, Vanessa would be trained to use her powers for combat and reconnaissance.

Fast forward to 2018: the U.S., already severely crippled by an increase in super powered criminal activity, fell to the combined forces of the Pan-Asian People’s Republic. While she’d fought alongside other heroes, including the Freedom Six, her efforts eventually proved fruitless. Realizing that there was nothing else she could do in her time, Vanessa, now calling herself “The Visionary”, used her psychic powers to transport herself back to our present. Unfortunately, psychic time travel is not without its costs. An inter-dimensional hitchhiker, another version of Vanessa who had made very, very different choices, now occupies a corner of her psyche, and the great strain required to bend time ruptured a blood vessel in her brain. While she could use a portion of her abilities to slow the bleeding, her time was still limited. With some extra baggage and a ticking clock, The Visionary will have to use everything at her disposal - both to save the free world and her infant self.

Visionary Dark Standard Front.png

Dark Visionary

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $30k stretch reward.

Less than a year after using her considerable psychic abilities to wrench herself backwards through time, Vanessa Long could feel the impact of her actions. She constantly ached, fought against daily migraines, and her mind was scattered - focusing on this time and reality grew more difficult with each passing day. Worst of all, the dark version of herself which had "hitched a ride" on her jaunt through time fed off her pain.

All it took was the right amount of stress. In battle against the dreaded GloomWeaver, The Visionary wrapped herself in a telekinetic cocoon in order to avoid a swarm of arcane cultists, but when she did so, her fellow heroes heard a muffled scream from within the glowing purple energy barrier. It shattered with a burst of green energy, throwing cultists about like rag dolls. A pale, maniacally grinning Vanessa Long strode forth, waving a dismissive gesture at GloomWeaver, which banished him from this realm entirely.

"Hello, dearies," Visionary cooed. "Let's go save the Multiverse … "

This Visionary felt different … darker. However, she still knew all the heroes, and she had helped against the villain. When questioned, she insisted that she was fine. In fact, she felt better than ever before! So, Dark Visionary fights alongside the Sentinels of the Multiverse … for now …

Visionary: Unleashed

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $90k stretch reward.

Dark Visionary was far more powerful than her previous incarnation, but The Visionary was tired of not fighting back. With the help of The Argent Adept, Vanessa Long was able to exorcise the dark figure in her mind that had taken over her form for so long.

Now, The Visionary has full command of her abilities. Though her body has been weakened by the dark incursion, her mind is sharper than ever!

Visionary Unleashed Foil Front.jpg
Dreamer Original Standard Front.png

The Dreamer

Villain Deck

When Vanessa Long transported herself backwards in time, her first goal was to save the not-yet-born version of herself. She managed to get her parents out of the clutches of Project Cocoon and kept an eye on the family. When Vanessa Long was born, The Visionary was relieved that it was without an explosion of psychic energy, and that the baby seemed to be normal in all ways.

Six years have passed, and The Visionary has kept an eye on the Long family, but with no signs of complications, the family seems to be out of harm's way. Until one day, when the young Vanessa Long's latent powers manifested very dangerously.

The young girl's thoughts manifested themselves as physical creatures, and the shock of her new awareness of the world shut down her body, leaving Vanessa into a coma.

Sentinel Tactics: Visionary

Legacyicon.png Legacy Wants to Remind You! This following information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

When The Visionary psychically hurled herself backwards through time, she knew that she would barely survive, at best. She wasn't wrong. However, years have passed, and The Visionary continues to work alongside the heroes of this time - not her time, but a time she helped make and helped preserve. She has found her access to the timelines cut off by recent events, and has little issue with that. But her body is failing as her mind becomes less and less connected to the physical world. She has taken to keeping an object of focus close at hand, psionically manipulating it constantly to keep her psyche connected to reality.

The Visionary still fights the foes of this time. She knows not how much time she has, but she does know that, surprisingly, she has grown attached to her allies here, and reflects sometimes that she will miss them. She is harsh in her treatment of foes, but not quite so harsh as she used to be, as she has learned valuable lessons in the alluring pull of negative energy.

What the future holds for The Visionary is uncertain. She is unused to having a wide-open future. And she welcomes it, eagerly. She has evolved from the last hope for existence to her own hope for beautiful uncertainty.


Card References

References for Cards in this deck and in other decks. See the full list here.
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Art References

  • The card "Prophetic Vision" features the first appearance of Iron Legacy.
  • The villain on "Demoralization" is The Toy Master, one of the Dreamer's projections.
  • Although hard to make out more than her hair to indicate who it is, "Mind Spike" shows Visionary defeating Citizen Dawn during the latter's failed invasion of Megalopolis. The flavor text on the card has Visionary calling out Dawn ard does reference Sunrise #11 which is the series for Dawn's invasion.
  • The Dreamer
    • The Dreamer and her projections have more cameos in hero decks than any other villain.
    • The "Treacherous Ape" is, in reality, the doll floating at the Dreamer's side on her "The Dreamer Dreams" side. The Treacherous Ape first appeared on Tachyon's "Lightning Reflexes" card. Tachyon is in the Flavor text of the "Treacherous Ape" card.
    • The "Dark Hero" projection looks very similar to the villain that Legacy was fighting on "Thokk."
    • The Dreamer is incapacitating Sky Scraper in "Projected Paralysis."



  • The Dreamer is a young version of The Visionary from the present-day timeline.
  • The Visionary's hero bio in the Enhanced Edition rulebook reveals that she was not the only subject of Project Cocoon to be subjected to the PSY-200 injection process. However, she was the only survivor.
  • Any time someone time travels (to the past at least) they essentially create a new timeline. Visionary is one of the most powerful characters in SotM. When she time travels to the past, she enters a timeline in which the events that lead to her time traveling don't happen. On the trip to the past, a version of Visionary from a third timeline who is evil, but has been defeated in some way, latches on as an unwelcome passenger into the past. Visionary has to spend a considerable amount of energy keeping Dark Visionary in check. Gen Con 2016 Q&A
  • The Dreamer
    • Mainstay has a line in the flavor text of "Whipacorn."
    • The Dreamer has the lowest HP of any Sentinels villain.
    • The Dreamer is one of two base-set Sentinels villains to have a non-promo time-line duplicate, the other being Omnitron. Greatest Legacy and GI Bunker are the Hero Versions.
    • The Argent Adept's dialogue in the flavor text of "Grotesque Arachnoid" hints that the Dreamer's condition may stem from an outside source, namely "another world."
    • Her Teddy Bear (on Night Terrors) is named Noah >G Comment from the Gathering of Heroes 2014
  • "The child is the center" refers to The Dreamer. A hint at this can be found on the infamous card "Fixed Point". The "Fixed Point" is that in every reality, young Vanessa Long manifests powers. The Visionary came from her time to prevent the Vanessa Long of this reality from going through what she did, and yet, this reality's Vanessa Long STILL manifested powers. This is important, because these "Fixed Points" across spacetime is how OblivAeon is destroying everything. The more points that realities have in common, the more they draw "close" and if multiple realities are too close, they act as cosmic anti-matter, destroying each other. The Child is the Center


  • Visually, the Visonary is almost completely identical to Moondragon, a Marvel Comics female superhero.
  • As a powerful psychic with a dangerous dark-side, the Visionary is very reminiscent of Marvel Comic's Jean Gray.
  • The flavor text of "Wrest the Mind" is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • The art on "Mind Spike" is reminiscent of the panel from X-Men #25, during the "Fatal Attractions" storyline, where Professor Xavier (a bald telepath) mind-wipes Magneto (who, like Citizen Dawn, can be described as a proponent of the superiority of powered people over normal people) - even down to the level of detail of the hand positions of the characters.
  • The Dreamer
    • The Illusory Demon bears a strong resemblence to the Marvel villain Venom.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

The Visionary Hero Deck


The Visionary's card "Wrest the Mind" has the following text:*

Play this card next to a Target. Whenever that target deals damage, you may redirect that damage to another target. If you do, The Visionary deals 2 psychic damage to that target and 2 psychic damage to herself. If the target leaves play, destroy this card.

This is now officially changed to:

Play this card next to a Target, other than a Hero or Villain Character Card. Whenever that target deals damage, you may redirect that damage to another target. If you do, The Visionary deals 3 psychic damage to that target and 3 psychic damage to herself.

If the target leaves play, destroy this card.

Please note that these changes mean that this card cannot be played on Hero or Villain Characters, now. Additionally, the damage dealt by The Visionary to the target and to herself by this card is increased.


Incapacitated - Visionary is straining against the Dark Visionary persona


Brain Burn (x2)
Put the Villain trash on the bottom of the Villain deck. The Visionary deals herself X Psychic Damage, where X = the number of cards removed from the Villain trash this way.
Art: The Visionary's eyes glowing as she gets into the mind of Baron Blade;
Flavor-text: Baron Blade: "What are you looking for?" - The Visionary: "What are you afraid of?" - Baron Blade, The visionary, Moonfall #4
Cerebral Hemorrhage (x3)
The Visionary deals up to 3 Targets 2 Psychic Damage each.
Art: A silhouette of the Visionary getting into the heads of three suited men;
Flavor-text: "Oh, you think that hurts? You have no idea... " - The visionary, New Memories #10
Mind Spike (x4)
The Visionary deals 1 Target 3 Psychic Damage.
Art: The Visionary sending a mental blast at Citizen Dawn;
Flavor-text: "No more, Dawn! I have had enough!" - The visionary, Sunrise #11
Precognition (x3)
Look at the top 3 cards of the Villain deck. Put 1 on top of the Villain deck and 2 on the bottom of the Villain deck.
Art: The Visionary seeing an image of the future showing a statue of Grand Warlord Voss and Wraith, Haka, and Tachyon in chains;
Flavor-text: Even with the current crisis averted, The Visionary's mind was quickly filled with terrible visions of a possible future. - Narrator
Prophetic Vision (x3)
Look at the top 3 cards of the Environment deck. Put 1 on top of the Environment deck and 2 on the bottom of the Environment deck.
Art: The Visionary seeing a split image of America's Finest Legacy and Iron Legacy;
Flavor-text: "The Legacy I remember was a much... angrier man." - The Visionary, America's Finest Legacy #201
Psychic Maelstrom (x3)
The Visionary deals each non-Hero Target 2 Psychic Damage.
Art: A silhouette of the Visionary with an evil grin on her face with purple light emanating from her;
Flavor-text: "Imagine what it feels like for your brain to slowly die. It's like that, but faster." - The Visionary, Science & Progress One-Shot
Suggestion (x3)
Select 2 cards from the Villain trash. Put 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom of the Villain deck.
Art: The Visionary implanting a thought into Bugbear;
Flavor-text: "Can you feel as I tear through the layers of your mind, your memories, your very self?" - The Visionary, Mind Over Matter #21


Mass Levitation (x2)
Power: Until the start of your next turn, reduce Damage dealt by Environment cards by 3.
Art: The Visionary lifting up Haka, Bunker, Fanatic, Absolute Zero, Tachyon, Wraith, and herself on a purple platform;
Flavor-text: "Stay close, I can only support so many for so long." - The Visionary, Freedom Five Annual #16
Telekinetic Cocoon (x2)
The Visionary is immune to Damage. You cannot play cards or use powers. At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card.
Art: The Visionary surrounded by a purple psychic cocoon;
Flavor-text: After pushing her mind to the breaking point to read time and space, The Visionary's powers shielded her until she recovered. - Narrator
Twist the Ether (x2)
Play this card next to a Target. Whenever that Target would deal Damage, the Damage type changes to a type of your choice and is either reduced by 1 or increased by 1, your choice. If the Target leaves play, destroy this card.
Art: Citizen Hammer trying to send flames at the Visionary but it's ineffective;
Flavor-text: "Augh! What the hell is going on?" - Citizen Hammer, Sunrise #3

Ongoing, Limited

Demoralization (x2)
At the start of your turn, The Visionary deals each Villain Target 1 Psychic Damage.
Art: A man crying as he is being mentally assaulted;
Flavor-text: "Visions of the most awful future can be rather disheartening." - The Visionary, Mind Over Matter #43
Foresight (x2)
Power: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Put 1 in your hand, 1 on the top of your deck, and 1 on the bottom of your deck.
Art: A closeup of the eye of the Visionary which shows the forms of two men in it;
Flavor-text: "Memories, visions, reality... they're often quite difficult to distinguish." - The Visionary, New Memories #2
Mental Divergence (x3)
Power: Destroy 1 Ongoing card, or take 1 Ongoing card from a Hero trash and put it on top of that Hero's deck.
Art: An image showing a two faced Visionary;
Flavor-text: "I am more than the future or the present - I am every future that could possibly occur!" - The Visionary, New Memories #13
Wrest the Mind (x3)
Play this card next to a Target, other than a Character card. Whenever that Target deals Damage, you may redirect that Damage to another Target. If you do, The Visionary deals this card's Target and herself 3 Psychic Damage each. If the Target leaves play, destroy this card.
Art: A psychic image of the Visionary causing one Blade Battalion member to attack another;
Flavor-text: "The weak-minded are always susceptible to suggestion." - The Visionary, Mind Over Matter #1

Distortion, Limited

Decoy Projection [5] (x3)
Whenever The Visionary would be dealt Damage. redirect that Damage to this card.
Art: Major Flay attacking a projection of the Visionary;
Flavor-text: "Tsk, tsk. Trusted your eyes to tell you where I was, didn't you?" - Tachyon, Mind Over Matter #28

The Dreamer Villain Deck


Night Terrors (x2)
The Dreamer deals each non-Villain Target X Psychic Damage, where X = the number of Projections in play plus 1.
Art: The Dreamer asleep in a bed with physic 'power lines' coming from her head, surrounded by malevolent toys;
Flavor text: "She looks so peaceful... don't be fooled!" - Haka, Nightmare World #2
Projected Paralysis (x2)
The Player with the most cards in play cannot play cards until the start of the next Villain turn.
Art: Sky-Scraper laying on the ground, with The Dreamer in front of her projecting psychic 'power lines' (or a tiny The Dreamer and regular sized Thorathian);
Flavor text: "Hrm? Wha? Is someone there? Stop. Just... stop." - The Dreamer, Nightmare World #5
Violent Nightmares (x3)
Reveal cards from the top of the Villain deck until H-icon.png minus 2 Projection cards are revealed. Put them into play. Discard the other revealed cards. Shuffle the Villain trash into the Villain deck.
Art: An Illusory Demon grabbing Ra around the neck, background, Chrono-Ranger and an unknown shadowed character, in a broken city street;
Flavor text: "I've seen a lot of strange things in my days, but this is something else!" - Chrono-Ranger, Nightmare World #3


Dark Hero [5] (x2)
Increase Damage dealt by Villain Targets by 1. Reduce Damage dealt to Projection cards by 1.
Art: A 'Bizarro' version of Legacy;
Flavor text: "Well, this is certainly odd. I'm not sure how to proceed here." - Legacy, America's Finest Legacy #81
Granite Oni [6] (x2)
Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1. At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the non-Villain Target with the lowest HP 2 Melee Damage.
Art: A Samurai made of stone, background of cherry blossom trees;
Flavor text: "It's sword is sharp, but not as sharp as its form is strong." - Mr. Fixer, Transmission of Honor #6
Grotesque Arachnoid [8] (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the H-icon.png minus 1 non-Villain Targets with the Highest HP 2 Toxic Damage each.
Art: A humanoid looking man/spider hybrid, poised to leap;
Flavor text: "Beware! This beast is born from dreams tainted by another world!" - The Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void #17
Illusory Demon [5] (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the non-Villain Target with the highest HP H-icon.png Infernal Damage. When this card is destroyed, destroy 1 Hero Ongoing card.
Art: A blue demon, ready to attack;
Flavor text: "Her mind has brought forth demons to lay us low!" -- Fanatic, Fanatic #14
Macabre Specter [3] (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each non-Villain Target 2 Psychic Damage. Whenever a Target other than this card is destroyed, restore this card to its maximum HP.
Art: A man wearing a suit with a skeleton imprint, and a skull for a head, background of a sacrificial chamber at night;
Flavor text: "Where did this guy come from? He gives me the creeps!" - The Wraith, Freedom Five #299
The Toy Master [5] (x2)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals the non-Villain Target with the highest HP X Psychic Damage, where X = the number of Equipment Cards in play plus 1.
Art: A skinny man with glowing red-eyes, sitting on a throne made of alphabet blocks, with toys that glow with the same energy as his eyes;
Flavor text: "This is most disturbing. The very thing I most wanted to avoid." - The Visionary, Mind over Matter #43
Tooth Fairy [3] (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, each Player discards 1 card. Then, this card deals any Hero Character card whose Player has no cards in hand H-icon.png minus 1 Toxic Damage.
Art: A tiny fairy, eating a bloody tooth with it's sharp teeth;
Flavor text: "Ahh! No! Not OK! I thought fairies did nice things, like granting wishes." - Unity, Nightmare World #1
Treacherous Ape [2] (x2)
At the start of each Hero's turn, this card deals that Hero Character card 2 Energy Damage. When this card is destroyed, destroy 1 Equipment card.
Art: An ape with glowing green eyes, clutching a green crystal, background of a fun fair;
Flavor text: "That blasted ape clearly doesn't belong here. What's going on?" - Tachyon, Freedom Five Annual #4
Whipacorn [7] (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the non-Villain Target with the highest HP H-icon.png minus 2 Melee Damage. A Target dealt Damage this way cannot deal Damage until the start of the next Villain turn.
Art: A unicorn with a whip fixed where its horn would be, background volcanoes and rainbows;
Flavor text: Ra: "Why does it have a whip for a horn?" - Mainstay: "For whipping!" - Ra, Mainstay, Nightmare Realm #4

Note: All projection art is The Dreamer's nightmare versions of objects, and as such are not true interpretations of the creatures they represent

Sentinel Tactics: Visionary Power Cards



Fireside Chats

The Visionary

  • The Visionary gets to make different Twist the Ether decisions for every instance of damage, even if it’s one source damaging multiple targets. She can also change her mind on Twist the Ether decisions after damage is redirected.
  • You are allowed to play cards that go next to another card when there are no applicable cards to do so (for example, Wrest the Mind with no non-character targets in play). The card goes to the trash but is not destroyed.
  • Suppose Prophetic Vision is used on the environment deck, and Shinobi Assassin is revealed. It immediately enters play and deals its damage. It counts as one of the 3 cards revealed, so the Visionary would only have 2 cards to choose from for the rest of Prophetic Vision.
  • If Twist the Ether is next to a card that deals irreducible damage, you can choose to reduce the damage (which does nothing).
  • ...However, Wrest the Mind and Twist the Ether work differently due to their text. Once either hero become isolated, these cards no longer have a valid target next to them and so are destroyed.
  • If Prophetic Vision reveals the top 3 cards of the environment deck, and one of them is a Shinobi Assassin, the Shinobi Assassin gets put into play, does its damage and then the Visionary chooses between the 2 remaining cards.

The Dreamer

  • The heroes lose if The Dreamer is destroyed or removed from the game.
  • If Haka has projection cards under Savage Mana, and he destroys them to use the power, the projection cards go to the villain trash because cards under Savage Mana have no keywords.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications


Brain Burn

  • This card reads, “put the villain trash on the bottom of the villain deck. the Visionary deals herself x psychic damage, where x = the number of cards removed from the villain trash this way”. If the villain trash has more cards in it than visionary has remaining hp, you will still move all of the cards from the villain trash to the bottom of the villain deck and deal Visionary the full amount of damage. You would not only move cards and deal damage up to visionary’s remaining hp. The Visionary

Decoy Projection

  • Because the players can decide the order damage is dealt in many cases, it would be legal for the player to first redirect the damage from Visionary to the decoy, and then have the Decoy Projection take its own damage (if it were still alive), to ensure that the Decoy didn’t die before Visionary could redirect her damage to it.

Twist the Ether

  • This card is played next to a target, and says that whenever that target would deal damage, visionary may change the type of the damage if she wishes, and may either reduce or increase the amount of damage dealt by 1. if the target executes an attack that damages multiple targets, Visionary may choose different types/damage modifiers per target. She may also change her mind on the decision she’s made after damage is redirected to a new target. Fireside Chats

Wrest the Mind

  • This card is played next to a non-character card target. Whenever that target deals damage, you may redirect that damage to another target, but you must deal the card’s target and visionary 3 psychic damage each. Because of the order of the wording on the card, the 3 psychic damage is dealt to the card’s target before it is dealt to Visionary. This means that it’s possible for the damage to destroy the card’s target, which would cause “Wrest the Mind” to leave play, and visionary wouldn’t need to take the 3 psychic damage herself. Answers to Debated Questions Also, just to be clear, it is legal to have the damage that is redirected from the card’s target be redirected back onto the card’s target itself if you want. The Visionary

The Dreamer

Oversized card misprint

  • The original printing of The Dreamer’s oversized card has incorrect text for her end-of-turn effect. The text on the normal-sized card (and the reprint of the Oversized card) is correct: At the end of the villain turn, the dreamer deals each non villain target (H) - 2 psychic damage. Then, play the top (H) - 2 cards of the villain deck. Proper Damage Dealt By Flipped Dreamer