Enclave of the Endlings

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Environment: Enclave of the Endlings

Set: Wrath of the Cosmos

When the only other remaining member of her race finally died, Jansa Vi Dero was truly alone. Her race, the Varusiods, were phenomenally longlived people, and they had dedicated their society towards both knowledge and art. However, after the overwar, only a few Varusiodian scholars remained, and those scholars were all beyond the age of reproduction. It was only a matter of time.

But that was centuries ago.

Now, Jansa Vi Dero has built a new society for herself. Using the knowledge and technology of her people, she has built an enclave above the arid wreck of her homeworld. From there, she observes the galaxy, keeping a close eye on any races whose light is beginning to flicker. As the Terminarch, she combines teleportation and timestasis tech to bring final worthy members of sapient races to her side. In the Enclave of the Endling, their people are preserved in the existence of their final representative.

The Enclave of the Endlings is a location of the much power, but also one which provides great opposition to outsiders. Some villainous minds have thought to take advantage of the power of the Endlings, but even the heroes that arrive to fight such villains will face the desperate might of the Endlings as they defend themselves, their home, and the last memories of their people.

The Endling Refuge (x1)
At the start of the environment turn, if there are H or more environment cards in play, destroy this card. At the end of the environment turn, play the top card of the environment deck.
Art: A creature walking into the entrance of the Enclave of the Endlings;
Flavor-Text: The Enclave protects the Endlings from all outside elements - danger, sickness, and even time itself. Thanks to the Enclave, the Endlings are now effectively endless.
Hall of the Terminarch (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, if Jansa Vi Dero is in play, she deals each non-environment target 2 sonic damage and destroys this card. If not, play the top card of the environment deck.
Art: A rather large Terminarch holding up Black Fist and Legacy on a platform;
Flavor-Text: Jansa Vi Dero knew she would have a time with this young race, but not yet. Still, they persisted in meddling with the affairs of the Endlings. They would learn.

The Terminarch

Jansa Vi Dero [25] (x1)
Reduce damage dealt to environment targets by 1. At the end of the environment turn, each environment target regains 1 HP.
Art: The Terminarch walking through the hallways of the Enclave;
Flavor-Text: "My wards gain strength and vitality from my presence!" The towering matron shouted, her very voice rebuffing the heroes' attack. "Stand down, Earthlings!"

The Last Kabran

Baahsto [7] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the non-environment target with the lowest HP 1 melee damage. A target dealt damage this way cannot deal damage until the start of the next environment turn.
Art: A floating head with tentacles with a rocket pack;
Flavor-Text: The heroes looked up to see a writhing mass of tentacles. However, the furry head wearing a rocket-pack which looked down at them was even more shocking.

The Last Ahpan

Bloogo [13] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, move this card next to the non-environment target other than the target this card is already next to with the lowest HP. Redirect any damage that would be dealt to the target next to this card to Bloogo.
Art: A rhinoceros looking creature with fur;
Flavor-Text: "BLOOOOOGO!" Bellowed the colossal beast as it launched itself through the air to interpose its body between the Idealist and the dangerous steel spikes.

The Last Pirinian

Frazzat [5] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the non-environment target with the second lowest HP 3 energy damage. When this card is destroyed, play the top card of the environment deck. ;
Art: A humanoid fish shooting a blaster;
Flavor-Text: "Oh ho yes!" The powerful Maori warrior chortled, dodging a blast of energy fired by the tiny aquatic being. "You are fiesty! I like you. YOUCH! And so bitey!"

The Last Tromtar

Gruum [11] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the non-environment target with the second highest HP H-icon.png melee damage.
Art: A giant red humanoid figure with no head but instead his face is on his torso;
Flavor-Text: Gruum was very strong, yes. And Gruum was tough as well. La Capitan's crew couldn't even slow its charge. But the worst part was the constant yelling.

The Last Fortrian

Immutus [35] (x1)
Redirect any damage that would be dealt to a target other than this target to this card.
Art: A giant metal colossus;
Flavor-Text: The field darkened as the gargantuan metal colossus blotted out most of the sky. Immutus stood in the middle of the field, impassive and immobile.

The Last Infektor

Korrupton [9] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each non-environment target 1 melee damage. Then, this card deals any target damaged that way 1 toxic damage.
Art: A giant blue insectoid looking creature;
Flavor-Text: A horrifying screech echoed throughout the halls. Korrupton was on the move! Parse knew it would only be a matter of time before it found her...

The Last Satellan

Orbo [25] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the target with the second highest HP 2 melee damage. Then, if that target has fewer HP than this card, this card deals that target 1 energy damage.
Art: A planet sized creature with a mouth and tentacles;
Flavor text: "Orbo hungers... He cannot be trusted," the Terminarch warned. "I preserve him as I do all Endlings, but a time will come in which he will surely betray us."

The Last Piunite

Phrentat [5] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the 3 non-environment targets with the highest HP 2 psychic damage each.
Art: A head surrounded by a mechanical body;
Flavor-Text: The unblinking eye above the floading head's brow stared serenely out into space, but the sorrowful face revealed how much it mourned for its lost brethren.

The Last Xarabian

Slamara [7] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, put the top card of the villain deck into play. Then, put the top card of each hero deck into play in turn order. If a limited card already in play would be put into play, discard that card instead.
Art: A female looking species with tentacle instead of hair on top of her head;
Flavor-Text: "She speaks of things she could not know," Nightmist reflected. "Her eyes cannot see this world, but a world that will soon be. And she is frightened."

The Last Flacop

Szreem [9] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the non-environment target with the second lowest HP 2 energy damage.
Art: A green flying cyclops shooting a beam from it's eye;
Flavor-Text: "Now," drawled the time-hopping bounty hunter. "I've seen a lot of weird things in my day, but a flying lizard-skinned cyclops that shoots fire from its face? Huh."

The Last Nordid

Urdid [13] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals the non-environment target with the second highest HP 2 melee damage and 2 fire damage.
Art: A furry creature with an eye on it's right hand and armor covering his left arm which is holding an axe;
Flavor-Text: "CHALLENGE?!" Roared the massive creature, swinging its blazing axe in wide arcs. Clumping towards the heroes, it repeated its demand: "CHALLENGE!"

The Last Mubbloxian

Venox [11] (x1)
At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each non-environment target 2 toxic damage.
Art: A figure surrounded by green energy;
Flavor-Text: As the biped stepped into the field, the surrounding plant life began to rapidly decay. The more the Mubbloxian moved, the more intense the effect.

Meta: Enclave of the Endlings

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  • Black Fist, the character appearing with Legacy on "Hall of the Terminarch" is the original incarnation of the hero that later became Mr. Fixer. The scene shown was a rare appearance of both of them in the same story - it was much more common for Black Fist to be in his own stand-alone story in the back pages of Justice Comics (Letters Page 10).


  • In Episode 24 of the Letters Page, Christopher and Adam indicated that Jansa is pronounced "YAHN-sah".

To Other Works

  • The back art for the Enclave of Endings deck is textured with Ben-day dots. “Ben-day” was a type of color printing process that was used in the comics of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It made use of the overlapping of small colored dots that combined two or more of four basic colors, specifically cyan, magenta, black, and yellow. When combined, a variety of different colors and shades could be easily arranged to provide basic coloration for pictures. Ben-day coloration was serviceable but also very imprecise; colors would often wash out beyond their respective shapes, especially if they were small in size. It was supplanted by superior methods in the 1970s.
  • The exclamatory word balloon on the back art of the Enclave of Endings deck is a common comic book trope. Off-screen characters dynamically introduce a specific locale through such exclamations. Usually they will build up to the name of the locale with some basic exposition, trail off their sentence with “…”, and then continue with a preceding “…” onto the name on the next panel, which will typically show the locale in large scale. While not as popular in modern comics, the trope was used quite often in silver-age publications.
  • All the art of the Enclave of Endings deck is drawn to stylistically emulate legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby. The exaggerated, line-ridden shapes and circle designs interconnected by zig-zagging lines are all staples of Kirby’s work. The minimal variances in color emulate the comic art of the silver age, which was limited by printing constraints. Some of Kirby’s best known work hails from the silver age. To push the homage even further, Kirby was known for his love of drawing bizarre and fantastical monsters; all the aliens of The Enclave of Endings are some manner of monster.
  • The artwork of many Enclave of Endling card (most prominently Venox, the Last Mubbloxian) are covered in black dots which coalesce into various cloud-like shapes. These are known by comic fans and artists as "Kirby Dots", a famous visual signature of Jack Kirby’s artwork.
  • Phrentat, the Last Piunite, bears a strong resemblance to the Marvel villain M.O.D.O.K.
  • Immutus, the Last Fortian, is nearly identical to a Celestial, one of the god-like aliens who strongly influenced the ancient Marvel Universe.
  • As a world populated by the last individuals of various alien species, the Enclave of Endlings draws to mind the Marvel comics character The Collector. The Collector's obsession was collecting the last and rarest of everything, including living creatures.
  • Orbo, the Last Satellan, is a living creature shaped like a planet. As such, he draws comparisons to the antisocial sentient planet Mogo of DC fame, as well as the Marvel character Ego the Living Planet.
  • Urdid, The Last Nordid’s armor, weapon, and combative nature suggest a connection with Kaagra Warfang.


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Fireside Chats

  • If “Bloogo” has a card next to him, and at the end of the environment turn that is the target with the lowest HP, he goes next to it, but it is still next to him. To avoid creating a black hole in the video game, he moves back to the environment play area while this is happening, but still protects that target.
  • Cards like “Slamara”, which play the top card of the villain and all hero decks, play the top card of ALL villain decks! Terrifying.
  • If Bloogo is next to a non-character hero or villain target and the hero or villain are incapacitated (removing their cards from the game), Bloogo hangs out until he has a new place to go to.