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Sentinel Tactics

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

Many things have changed in the last several years. After some of the major, nigh existence-ending events which rocked our world, there was backlash against superpowered individuals, and the U.S. government sought to gain tighter control of their superteam, The Freedom Five. A series of mandates left the team unable to act without court permission and hamstrung their ability to fight villains on non-U.S. soil. These changes were tenuous at best, and each member of the team bristled under this new control.

In a surprise press conference, Maia Montgomery, C.E.O. of Montgomery Industries, revealed that she was also the hero known as The Wraith! She was then joined in the press conference by Paul Parsons in his full Legacy costume. Even more shockingly, the two jointly announced the Freedom Five's move to be a private group, severing their ties with the government.

Behind the scenes, Ms. Montgomery had leveraged her family's fortune to make this move possible. She purchased the Freedom Tower outright, owning it entirely herself. Furthermore, she paid to have a large portion of the tower converted into a state-of-the-art research lab with the aid of Dr. Meredith Stinson (AKA the speedster Tachyon). It was named the Stinson-Montgomery Laboratory and was staffed with some of the best and brightest minds in modern science.

Dr. Stinson and former-Lt. Vance worked together to build a new Bunker suit - this one no longer benefitting from military R&D and ordnance, but still something that would allow Tyler Vance to bring his tactical genius to bear on the battlefield. And, of course, it would also provide an impressive amount of firepower. Though still a massive metal suit, this new Bunker was smaller and more efficient than previous versions and could be launched considerable distances from Freedom Tower.

Finally, Maia bought out the rest of Absolute Zero's government contract on his suit, allowing him to go free and do as he pleased. When Ryan Frost was informed of his freedom, he stood silently, unmoving. Dr. Stinson reassured him that she would provide regular suit maintenance for him and that they would help him find a way to live that would make him most comfortable. "I am…" the normally frigid man said after a moment, a hint of emotion betraying his reaction. "I am most comfortable with you - my family." And thus, Absolute Zero remained a full-fledged member of the team.

Maia continued to be a part of the team, keeping the name The Wraith, but she no longer needed to hide her face. Montgomery Industries had sold off most of its patents in order for her to raise the money needed so her team could make a clean break, and she eventually sold off the remnants of the corporation. Losing the family company was hard, but there was a clear choice to be made, and her focus was on being part of The Freedom Five.

Now, the five heroes, each a bit older, more experienced, but more free than ever before, work together to protect the world from whatever may threaten it. They are heroes, friends, family; they are The Freedom Five.


Freedom Five Annual #1-30

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  • There was a Freedom Five team that had a roster of Legacy, Wraith, Bunker, and two other unknown members before the main one we know. Letters Page Episode 2


  • This group is the equivalent of the Justice League in DC or Avengers of Marvel. Both teams have a set roster but often various characters from that world show up from time to time and will become semi-permanent members at times.