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Link=Enhanced Edition

Enhanced Edition]

The First edition of Sentinels of the Multiverse was released for purchase at Gencon 2011. Since then it has had a skyrocket of success, spawning several expansions, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickstarter projects, and earning the 'Best New Game' at Gencon2011 award. The First Edition was eventually replaced with the Enhanced Edition, which included better card stock, a much larger box, dividers to keep decks separate, and a variety of HP and status tokens.

Contains 10 Heroes, 4 Environments, and 4 Villains.

Link=Rook City(Expansion)

Rook City

The First expansion, Rook City was revealed via Kickstarter in October, 2011, sent to Kickstarter backers in March, 2012, and made available to the public in April, 2012 at PAX East. It introduced the first Difficulty 4 Villains. Themed around the gritty criminal reality of Rook City, and natural style heroes and villains, it is often considered to have the most difficult villain and the most challenging environment. In December 2013 it was reprinted and sold in a new box, bundled with Infernal Relics.

Contains 2 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 4 Villains.

Link=Infernal Relics

Infernal Relics

The Second Expansion Infernal Relics was revealed via Kickstarter in April, 2012 and released with the Enhanced Edition in August, 2012 at GenCon. Themed around magic and mystical heroes and villains, it is said its heroes are the most difficult to master in terms of complexity. In December 2013 it was reprinted and sold in a new box, bundled with Rook City.

Contains 2 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 4 Villains.

Link=Shattered Timelines

Shattered Timelines

The Third Expansion Shattered Timelines was revealed during a kickstarter in November 2012 and was released in May 2013. The new heroes and environments involve time travel, while the villains are split among time travel and alternate (dark) versions of existing heroes.

Contains 2 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 4 Villains.



Released in February 2014, it added radical new elements to the game. The new mechanic revolves around playing against multiple villains at once, the team members of the Vengeance Five, selecting an equal number of villains as heroes and each having a turn between each hero. This is different than against such group villains such as the The Ennead and the Chairman/Operative.

Contains 5 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 5 Vengeance Style Villains.

Link=Wrath of the Cosmos

Wrath of the Cosmos

The fourth expansion, Wrath of the Cosmos Expansion was discovered on the side of the Vengeance box, during the Gathering of Heroes 2014. It was released Jan 2015. Its theme is around cosmic heroes and villains, including distant worlds for the environments, and alien characters.

Contains 2 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 4 Villains.


Villains of the Multiverse

The fifth Expansion, Villains of the Multiverse was announced as a pre order event from the GtG Website. It contains 10 Vengeance Style villains, fully interchangeable with Vengeance villains, and four environments. It was released Dec 2015. As the title suggests, there were no heroes released in this, the penultimate expansion.

Contains 0 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 10 Vengeance Style Villains.



This expansion was first teased as an ARG Event (Alternate Reality Game) through finding clues in the Rule book for Villains and online, that lead to a series of comics that explained the story of Progeny. This is the final expansion to the Sentinels of the Multiverse Game, which will include a new game mode in fighting OblivAeon. This is the end of the main Timeline for Sentinels of the Multiverse, the RPG and Sentinel Tactics being two separate distinct timelines that split shortly after this event.

Contains 2 Heroes, 2 Environments, and 4 Villains.