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Fireside Chats

  • Cards that go next to other cards are considered to enter play next to the other card. So for example, if you play Energy Bracer next to a hero and Surprise Shopping Trip reacts, the damage to the hero is reduced by 1 by the Energy Bracer.

Fixed Point

  • Once something is in the process of being destroyed, it will be destroyed. That includes being healed back to positive HP and becoming indestructible. Yes, even Fixed Point.
  • When Fixed Point is destroyed, it does not look into the past to determine if anything should be destroyed. For example, multiple Tool cards in play do not return to hand (until the next time a Tool card is played). The only thing that happens when Fixed Point is destroyed is that targets with <= 0 HP, and are no longer indestructible, are destroyed.
  • If Fixed Point is in play and Rule from the Front is played, you must choose to discard cards because you cannot destroy any of your cards.
  • While Fixed Point is in play, Aegis of Resurrection still takes effect immediately when Fanatic is reduced to <= 0 HP. Same thing with Apostate on his back side, or any other cards that still have “reduced to 0 or less HP.”
  • Suppose Fixed Point is in play and Omnitron is dealt 7 or more damage in the round (with components in play). Its components are not destroyed due to Fixed Point. Once Fixed Point is destroyed, the components are destroyed immediately because Omnitron had been dealt 7 or more damage in the round.
  • When Fixed Point is in play, and a card is played that goes “next to a non-character target” but there are no such targets, the card cannot enter play and goes to the trash.
  • Since Ambuscade’s Trap cards never enter play, they are not affected by Fixed Point in any way.
  • Sky-Scraper can swap character cards if Fixed Point is in play.
  • If an Ammo card is flipped face up when Fixed Point is in play, and no guns are in play, it just stays where it is, face up in Expatriette’s play area. Since it’s indestructible it cannot go to the trash.

Spiff's Clarifications

Fixed Point

  • This card makes all cards besides itself indestructible, which can have a number of interesting effects. One is that heroes who are reduced to 0 or fewer hp while “Fixed Point” is in play are not immediately flipped to their incapacitated side (see “hero destruction” in the “damage” section). Also, effects which have destruction as part of their effect will behave differently if that effect is triggered while “Fixed Point” is in play. For example, the power on Ra’s “Staff of Ra” says “Ra deals 1 target 3 projectile damage. destroy this card.” since the two sentences aren’t linked, they are independent and the fact that the card won’t be destroyed because of “Fixed Point” doesn’t stop the damage from taking place. However, in some cases, the destruction is linked to the effect. Unity’s base power says “destroy 1 equipment card. if you do, put a mechanical golem from hand into play.” because it says “if you do”, you can’t put a golem into play if you haven’t destroyed an equipment card (which you can’t do if “Fixed Point” is in play). Finally, some destruction effects are linked to actions the player must take. For example, Bunker’s “Gatling Gun” says in part, “at the end of your turn, discard 1 card or destroy this card.” but if all cards are indestructible thanks to “Fixed Point”, the player could just choose to not pay the cost (discarding 1 card) and will still get to keep the card since it cannot be destroyed while “Fixed Point” is in play. [1]
  • One-shots will not remain in play after they’ve been played due to “Fixed Point”.[2]