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  • The time cataclysm has many cards that are call backs (or, in a few cases, call forwards) to other Sentinels environments and events:
    • "Main Computer Room" - Freedom Five Annual #1 webcomic
    • "Charging Triceratops" - Insula Primalis
    • "Fixed Point" - Most likely the Realm of Discord. Possibly one of the Time Cataclysm's "own" cards.
    • "Passing Tumbleweed" - Silver Gulch. It should be noted that the Silver Gulch mini-expansion was published after the Shattered Timelines expansion, making this a future event.
    • "Surprise Shopping Trip" - Megalopolis or Rook City.
    • "Giant Mutated Cockroach" - Pike Industrial.
    • "Tendrils of Madness" - Realm of Discord.
    • "Atlantean Throne Room" - Ruins of Atlantis
    • "Oppressing Smog" - Rook City
    • "Typhoon" - Most likely Insula Primalis
    • "Crushing Hallway" - Tomb of Anubis.
    • "Marsquake" - Wagner Mars Base
    • "F.I.L.T.E.R. Spy" - The Block. .


  • "The child is the center" refers to The Dreamer. A hint at this can be found on the infamous card "Fixed Point". The "Fixed Point" is that in every reality, young Vanessa Long manifests powers. The Visionary came from her time to prevent the Vanessa Long of this reality from going through what she did, and yet, this reality's Vanessa Long STILL manifested powers. This is important, because these "Fixed Points" across spacetime is how OblivAeon is destroying everything. The more points that realities have in common, the more they draw "close" and if multiple realities are too close, they act as cosmic anti-matter, destroying each other. [1]

To Other Works

  • The card "Typhoon" represents the real world typhoon that delayed delivery of the Infernal Relics expansion [2]
  • The F.I.L.T.E.R Spy pictured bears a strong resemblance to the Spy class of the PC game Team Fortress 2
  • The flavor text of 'Crushing Hallway' is a reference to the compactor scene from Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • On "Tendrils of Madness" the creature pictured on the back of Visionary's head is very similar to the "Thought Nibbler," a card from the Magic the Gathering TCG that is famous for being useless.