Tomb of Anubis/Clarifications

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Fireside Chats

  • If Anubis is not in play at the end of the environment turn, no damage is dealt and Judgement of Anubis is destroyed.
  • Urshe plays cards in the order they are revealed.
  • When a Treasure card is in a hero’s play area and they are incapacitated, it stays there. It can be moved when a Trial is next destroyed.
  • The Challenge of Fire allows each player to discard up to 3 cards, even if the total is more than H plus 2.
  • Treasure cards do not count towards the hero with the most/least cards in play, because they do not belong to a hero.

Spiff's Clarifications

Judgement of Anubis

  • This card says that when it enters play, you search for the “Anubis” card and put it into play, and that at the end of the environment turn, Anubis deals each target 2 infernal damage and destroys this card. The game designers have stated that the effect is worded poorly and it shouldn’t be construed that Anubis is the one destroying the card, but just that the card is to be destroyed at the end of the environment turn. So, even if Anubis were to be destroyed before the end of the environment turn, “Judgement of Anubis” will still be destroyed. [1]