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Fireside Chats

  • Hasty Augmentation increases the damage on Omnitron-U’s innate power.
  • If Unity plays Hasty Augmentation to let Freedom FiveTachyon use Blitz, the +2 damage applies only to the first usage, not to the subsequent uses of Blitz.

Spiff's Clarifications

Unity’s golem cards

  • Unity’s Mechanical Golems all have the same text on them which reads in part, “this card cannot be played during your play phase”. However, if an ability or other game effect allows Unity to play a card when it’s not her play phase and she wants to play a Mechanical Golem (for example, if an incapacitated hero uses an ability to let unity play a card while it’s still the incapacitated hero’s turn), that’s perfectly legal. the only restriction on unity’s ability to play Mechanical Golems is during her own play phase. If she can manage to play a Mechanical Golem when it’s not her play phase, there’s nothing preventing that. Further, she can destroy any equipment card in play to bring out a Mechanical Golem, not just her own equipment cards. of course, it’s considered polite to ask permission from the player whose equipment card unity plans to destroy, but even that’s not strictly required... the equipment card being destroyed must (of course) be one that’s already in play. You can’t destroy a card from someone’s hand to bring out a Mechanical Golem.