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This page is a listing of all the universes (a.k.a. realities or timelines) confirmed to exist in the multiverse, along with general descriptions of each universe and its known or notable inhabitants.

Main Sentinels Product Universes

The "Core" Universe

The universe in which the main story of the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game mostly takes place. All events in the card game timeline take place there unless otherwise specified. Sometimes referred to as the "canon" universe (although events that take place in other universes are also canonical).

The Sentinel Comics Universe

The universe where the Sentinels Role-Playing Game takes place. A lot has happened since the defeat of OblivAeon, but the following are the most significant new personalities.

The Mist Storm Universe

The universe where the Sentinel Tactics game takes place. Some of this is still up in the air, since there have so far only been two published products, two products put on indefinite hold, and two products in development, but the following are the defining features of the reality so far.

Alternate Universes

The ¡Ahora! Universe

The home universe of the Dark Watch variant team seen on ¿Quando? ¡Ahora! in Team La Capitan's deck.[1]

  • Dark Watch
    • Lucky Strike: This universe's version of Setback. He's a disciplined martial artist in addition to his usual strength and bad-luck powers.
    • Lady Luck: This universe's version of Kismet. She's basically the same as her core universe counterpart except that she has a happier backstory and became a hero instead.
    • Rat Beast: In this universe, Eduardo López was exposed to the mix of chemicals responsible for the creation of Plague Rat in the core universe, and turns into a very similar creature, but with normal human intelligence.
    • Shockwave: This universe's version of Tempest. He's a bounty hunter who hangs out with Dark Watch because Earth is a backwater planet where the law will never think to look for him.
  • Bloogo: Looks like the core universe's Bloogo but is a vicious monster that comes to Earth by unexplained means.
  • The Wraith: An undead witch from the Coven of Gloom. No relation to the core universe's Wraith.
  • Spite: There are lots of Spites in this universe, giant creatures of Discordian magic that resemble the core universe's Spite in his Agent of Gloom aspect.
  • Officer Kel-Voss: This universe's version of Grand Warlord Voss, a space cop in search of Shockwave.
  • Amy Knight, a.k.a. Night Terror: This universe's version of Expatriette. Lucky Strike's ex-girlfriend, who shoots short-lived guns made of shadowy energy. Ostensibly the leader of the anarchist Citizens of the Night, but it turns out she takes orders from....
  • The Chairman: This universe's version of Citizen Dawn. Nothing more is known about her than that.

The Animal-Verse

A comic relief universe based on puns, where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal version of a character in the core Universe.[2] If you can come up with an animal pun for a hero, villain, or environment in Sentinel Comics, it's here. There are even multiple pun versions of the same hero. Residents about which we know more than just the name include:

  • The Caturalist (The Naturalist), who has many animal forms including an ugly naked ape thing (a human, but there are no humans in this reality, so no one knows what it is).
  • The Hippo is just a hippo. He's confused about why everyone calls him "The Hippo" when there are lots of hippos.
  • Impalakash'Flora (Akash'Flora) is just a tree with impala-shaped leaves. (The other Impalakash' evolutions are the same as the Akash' ones, just impala-shaped.)
  • Omnitron-Rex (Omnitron-X) is an anthropomorphic robotic tyrannosaurus.
  • Plague Man (Plague Rat), a rat that turns part human. He has a rat body and a human face, with a patchy beard and male-pattern baldness, who bites people (with difficulty) to spread his man-plague.
  • Stargent Seal (Sergeant Steel) was the slip of Christopher's tongue that started this whole mess. In the animal-verse, "stargent" means "militaristic."

Other entities which just have confirmed names: Gloombeaver, Stargent Adept, Absolute Fido, Absonewt Zero, Rexpatriette, Bark Visionary, Mr. Chimps, Skunker, Pike, The Otterative, and Brook City.

Arataki's Universe

The universe where Arataki Wakawarewa (Haka in the Sentinel Comics Universe) comes from.[2]

  • The Primal Wardens:
    • The Argent Artist, a magical painter and leader of the Primal Wardens. This reality's Argent Adept.
    • Haka (Arataki).
    • Sekhmet, daughter of Ra.
    • The Discordian, an anthropomorphic Portal Fiend from the Realm of Discord.
    • Anchor, a woman who is able to embody the spirits of The Host. This reality's Fanatic.
  • Citizen Storm: This reality's Tempest, a villain, who forms the equivalent of the core reality's Citizens of the Sun.
  • Plague Beast and Ultratron: We know nothing about these except that they are villains.

The Final Wasteland

A reality which would have been the future of the core reality if Chrono-Ranger and CON had not prevented it. Nothing lives there but mutant cryptid monsters, rat-beasts (the progeny of Plague Rat), and Haka.[3]

  • The Eternal Haka: Haka lives by himself in a library. He was offered a spot in the Enclave of the Endlings but refused. His library is very far away from CON's bunker, so he and Chrono-Ranger do not know of each others' existence.

The Inverted Universe

A universe in which all heroes in the core universe are villains and vice-versa.[4] Characters with different names, or with stories more than "the heroic/evil version of X" include:

  • The Founding Five
    • Luminary: Princess Ivana Ramonat of Mordengrad, inventor and "diplomancer." Her versions of Baron Blade's doomsday devices are nonlethal and can be targeted more precisely.
    • Peacemaker: This universe's version of Spite. An experimental medical treatment gave him superhuman strength and empathic abilities but left him dependent on breathing ammonia gas.
    • Express: Stephanie Graves, this universe's Fright Train. Wears a Momentum Dynamo Exo-Chassis, which allows her to convert momemtum into a shield and discharge it as kinetic energy. Still loves train puns.
    • Flashbulb: Cameron Lilya, this universe's Ermine, extremely vain and foppish. Can emit blinding light from his hands. Carries a cane with a crystal mounted to the top, which he can focus light through to create specific effects. Loves photography puns.
    • Blank: This universe's version of Equity. Can assume a blank white form that can pass through solid objects, and is invisible to anyone he makes eye contact with.
  • The Frightful Five
    • Legacy of Destruction: An evil Legacy, an anarchist/nihilist who fights to hold back progress using Legacy's standard power set.
    • Black Frost: An evil Absolute Zero.
    • Rampart: An evil Bunker.
    • Terminal Velocity: An evil Tachyon.
    • White Wraith: This universe's version of Maia Montgomery. A mummy-like figure who animates her wrappings to attack. Her abilities are fueled by her rage.
    • Singularity: Not actually a member of the Frightful Five, but their minion, this universe's version of Unity. Has the ability to mentally co-opt control of computerized systems if she can reach their central core.
  • The Omnitron Defense System: A set of force fields, automated turrets, etc. invented by Luminary to defend cities from Legacy and other villains. It isn't sentient like the core universe's Omnitron, but it is controlled by a central core in Mordengrad.
  • Mayor Pike: This universe's version of The Chairman. Mayor of Overbrook City (this universe's Rook City).
  • Chief DeLeon: This universe's version of The Operative. Chief of the Overbrook City Police Department.
  • F.I.L.T.E.R.: The First International Laboratory for Testing Experimental Rehabilitation: A humane prison system in Antarctica with a special wing called The Block designed for super-powered criminals.
  • John Rhodes: We never learn if he's still called The Scholar, but he sucks out people's life force to maintain his immortality and power up his Philosopher's Stone.
  • Zosimos Alchemista: We never learn if he's still called Biomancer, but he travels the world with a (replaceable) homunculus companion, saving people and collecting knowledge.
  • Negatron: An evil Omnitron-X created by Singularity out of the main control core of the Omnitron Defense System in Mordengrad.
  • Gloomweaver: In this universe, Gloomweaver seeks to extract people's gloom and weave it together to contain it away from people.
  • Action Hero Stuntman: In this universe, Ansel Moreau never became a villain. He's an actor but also a real-life action hero.
  • Seraph: This universe's version of Apostate. A human possessed by a spirit of Order.[5]
  • Hellion: This universe's version of Fanatic. A spirit of Chaos who enters the world to counter Seraph.[5]
  • Jansa Vi Dero: Still collects the last surviving members of a race to preserve in the Enclave of the Endlings, but actively accelerates the extermination of races in decline, forcing them to fight against each other until only one remains.
  • Parse: In this universe, Parse almost never gets her hands dirty. She stays at her computer and manupulates things behind the scenes.
  • Heartbreaker: Tony Taurus was a career criminal who turned his life around when the gladiators of the Bloodsword Colosseum encourage him to put on a knife-throwing performance for the crowd.
  • The Tomb of Anubis: It's hard to find, but there are no traps to keep intruders out. Instead, it's full of temptations to keep visitors in. If Anubis finds a visitor, he'll offer them treasure or power, but if they accept, they'll end up dead.
  • Miss Deeds: This universe's version of Miss Information. Offers to support Legacy of Destruction, but betrays him and tricks him into creating the Regression Serum, and allowing Luminary to (seemingly) defeat him for good.

The Iron Legacy Universe

The timeline in which Baron Blade killed Pauline Felicity Parsons, driving Legacy into despair and causing him to become the villain Iron Legacy. Christopher and Adam consider this the worst timeline. Most heroes and even other villains are killed without accomplishing anything noteworthy.[2]

  • The Freedom Six
  • Parse: Gets her powers from an OblivAeon shard and is temporarily the head of Revo-Corp after Iron Legacy kills Revenant.
  • Haka: Can't be killed, so he's initially imprisoned but breaks out and stages a riot. Then Iron Legacy encases him in concrete and sinks him in the ocean.
  • The Iron Hand: Formerly Ambuscade, one of Iron Legacy's top lieutenants and leader of his Iron Guard.
  • Citizen Dawn: Moves the Citizens of the Sun to Madagascar and sets up a giant bubble of energy to keep Iron Legacy out.
  • Miss Chief: This universe's Aminia Twain. She never becomes Miss Information, but uses her superior organizational skills to try to bring down Iron Legacy from the inside.[6]

The Meat-Verse

Another pun-based universe, intended as a joke but confirmed as canon by Christopher.[7] Inhabitants include Aposteak (Apostate), Gyromnitron (Omnitron), Barbecueball (Cueball), Leg-a-Lamb (Legacy), Babyback (Setback), Uni-T-Bone (Unity), Absolutefisk Zero (Absolute Zero), the Prime Ribs (Prime Wardens) (The Asada Adept (Argent Adept), Tempastrami (Tempest), Hacarne (Haka), Fanatikka (Fanatic), and Captain Cosmixiote (Captain Cosmic)), and Grand Warlord Vausage (Grand Warlord Voss). The Iron Legacy timeline might be the worst, but this one is definitely the wurst.

The Omnitron Universe

A universe in which Wager Master challenges that universe's Unity to build a robot that can beat Omnitron at chess. She tries but fails. Wager Master gives the robot to Omnitron as a prize for winning, and it incorporates the robot into itself. This upgrades its A.I. to the point where it can conquer the rest of that universe and makes everything in it a part of itself.[8]

The Plant-Verse

Another pun-based universe, like the Animal-Verse, but based on plant puns.[2] Confirmed denizens include Fernatic (Fanatic), Fernessa Long, Vinessa Long, Vanessa Longan (all The Dreamer), and:

  • Asquash'Bhuta (Akash'Bhuta), a giant sentient gourd who things gourds are the best vegetable and all other should be destroyed. This an especially big problem because she's the only sentient gourd.
  • Asquash'Thriya is a smaller version of the same thing.
  • Asquash'Dharsha is a jack o'lantern stuffed with OblivAeon shards.
  • Asquash'Fauna is a colossal quadruped made of squash.

The ¿Quando? Universe

The home universe of the Freedom Five variant team seen on ¿Quando? ¡Ahora! in Team La Capitan's deck.[9]

  • The Freedom Five
    • The Ashen Heir: This universe's version of the Argent Adept. Angela Drake finds a panpipe belonging to her ancestor, Abigail Gray, whose spirit is trapped in the pipe. Abigail can temporarily fuse with Angela, granting her an appearance similar to that of Nightmist, and together they are the Ashen Heir in that form.
    • Unity: No relation to the core universe's Unity. A robot created by this universe's version of Dr. Meredith Stinson, using her knowledge and personality on top of Omnitron technology.
    • Apex: Although his power set is similar to that of The Naturalist, this is actually Moris Dugal, who in the core universe becomes Bugbear. A big-game hunter who accidentally kills another shapechanger and gains his powers through blood-to-blood contact. He has to focus to maintain a human form, and otherwise transforms into a green apex predator of some sort.
    • Plaything: This universe's version of The Dreamer. The big Dreamer event (Nightmare World) happened in this universe as well, but young Vanessa Long became a hero thereafter, using her projections intentionally.
    • Infinitor: This universe's version of Infinitor was a hero from the beginning, but instead of creating monsters, uses his powers to augment his physical abilities, or grant himself simple powers like energy blasts. After being defeated by Empyreon, his essence coalesces into a crystal, which Plaything embeds into the forehead of her giant ape projection. This grants the projection solidity and permanence, with Infinitor's voice, psyche, and powers.
  • The Steel Sentinel: This universe's version of Sergeant Steel. A hero who pilots a mech suit, similar to but smaller than that of Bunker.
  • Empyreon: Basically the same as his core universe incarnation.

The Radio Play Universe

The universe in which "The Adventures of Legacy," a radio play from the 40's, takes place.[10]

  • Legacy, Paul Parsons VII (Greatest Legacy), is the protagonist. He wears a cape.
  • Ruby Rourke is a detective, and Legacy's suggested love interest.
  • Dr. Devlin Dour is a scientist who tries to take control of "the city" (this was before Megalopolis was named) by mutating the entire populace into brutes. He is himself mutated and killed. (Most radio play villains lasted only a single episode.)
  • Charlie Callahan is the Irish police chief. Apparently he has clashed with Dour's associates in the past, and Dour holds a grudge.

The Sentinel Comics Animated Universe

The universe in which the later animated series (the one that started in the late 00's) takes place. The characters are largely the same as those of the core universe, but the stories are different.[11] Some notable changes include:

  • Fashion is still around as a hero.
  • Miss Information goes straight from normal Aminia Twain to the later, reality-manipulating version from her team version deck. This appearance actually predates this version of her in the comic books.
  • Ra is initially a villain who indiscriminately burns things. The heroes defeat him and separate him from his staff. He becomes a hero later, but it's between episodes and is never explained.
  • The Shrieker is a member of the modern Freedom Five, but disappears in episode 1.

Visionary's Universe

The Visionary's home timeline. She came from an alternate 2018 where North Korea won the Korean War and the U.S. is in the middle of a "Second Cold War" between itself, Korea, and China. It authorizes a secret project ("Project Cocoon") designed to artificially create superheroes from fetuses. Most of the resulting super-powered individuals become villains and contribute to the downfall of the U.S. The Visionary tries to go back in time to prevent any of this from happening but ends up in the core universe instead.[12]

The Xtremeverse

The home universe of the XTREME Prime Wardens. Everything there is XTREME, based on '80's and '90's influences, including not only all the "X-" and "Extreme" comics, but also media such as Heavy Metal, Mad Max, and the tech noir genre as a whole. The characters not the same as what the core universe's characters actually looked like in the 90's, but are a caricature of the style prevalent at the time. Even civilians and the lives they live are XTREME, with ridiculous battles their way of life.[2][13]

  • Prime Wardens: Appearing in the Time v. Time ARG comic and as promotional variants.
  • Ambuscade: A bounty hunter working for Revo-Corp drugs.
  • Pete Riske: A boy, seemingly without powers, of particular interest to Revo-Corp.
  • The MistFeathers: This universe's version of Nightmist and The Harpy. They are twins, except that one has black hair with a white streak and the other has white hair with a black streak. They can turn partially or wholly into mist and summon clouds of feathers made of mist.
  • The Fixer: This universe's version of Mr. Fixer. He is a blind, twisted old man who runs an auto shop, but takes his payment in qi instead of money.
  • The Expatriettes: A gang of cloned bikers. They ride grip-lock bikes, which have laser spikes coming out of the tires that allow them to drive up the sides of buildings.
  • The Freedom Five: The comic featuring them is wordless, so their names, and the name of their team (if it even has one), are unconfirmed.
    • Legacy: Mostly the same as his core-universe version, just grimmer. Drives a Plymouth Road Runner with an American flag painted on it (minus a few stars).
    • The Wraith: An agile knife fighter wrapped in bandages.
    • Tachyon: Rides an unnaturally fast motorcycle and attacks with lightning.
    • Absolute Zero: Has a modular ice cannon that has to be connected to a water supply.
    • Bunker: Actually two characters. Vernon Carter drives a trailer truck that conceals a massive turret cannon, manned by Tyler Vance.
  • Rook City: A multi-tiered dystopian city built on its own ruins, all smoke and neon. The higher one's social class, the higher in the structure they live (and are allowed to travel to).
  • Mordengrad: A walled city ruled by this universe's equivalent of Baron Blade. It seems to be a verdant paradise in the middle of a barren wasteland, but it's built by slave labor.
  • Zhu Long: A "normal" Chinese dragon that turns into a bigger, mecha dragon with lasers and missiles and stuff.
  • Fleshmonger: This universe's Biomancer. He creates bio-mutants by hybridizing humans with the cryptids originally seen in The Final Wasteland.
  • Xtremetron: This universe's Omnitron.
  • The Edgeucator: This universe's Scholar.

Creatures, Objects, Etc. from Other Universes

We don't know much about these universes other than that these things come from them.

  • America's Cleverest Legacy: An alternate version of Legacy who loves puzzles (but not riddles). He can't fly.[14]
  • The Chronoist: A man from ancient Greece who fills the role of Chrono-Ranger in his universe. His A.I. partner (equivalent to CON) is CHE. It's unknown whether CHE is based in the same universe as the Chronoist or if its timeline, like that of CON, was split off due to its own efforts.[15]
  • Citizen Dusk: An alternate version of Expatriette who had powers and led the Citizens of the Dawn alongside her mother. She has darkness and shadow-related powers, including the ability to drain life.[16][2]
  • Concorda: An alternate version of CON that La Capitan takes with her to help navigate La Paradoja Magnifica.[17]
  • Course (Fanatic's black sword in the Sentinel Comics Universe): A blood magic blade that La Capitan took from an alternate Fanatic who was corrupted by it and died.[2]
  • Dark Mind: An evil version of The Visionary who dies just as The Visionary is traveling across realities and hitchhikes onto her psyche.
  • Grand Warlord Tempest: A version of Tempest who fills the role of Grand Warlord Voss in the core universe.[18]
  • La Comodora: Curse of the Black Spot: An alternate La Comodora who was never a villain. She is slowly being consumed by the Void's taint. Her adventures involve using a special device to seek out where the Void intrudes into reality and push it back.[17]
  • Omnitron-X: It comes from a universe in which Omnitron upgrades itself in stages and is repeatedly defeated (it is never Cosmic Omnitron or Omni-Blade in this reality). Most versions are just iterations on the original Omnitron design, except for Omnitron-VII (which is a swarm of nanomachines) and the humanoid Omnitron-X.[19]
  • Supply and Demand Benchmark: He comes from a reality in which Benchmark is the only hero.