Urban Infestation

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Urban Infestation is a one-shot adventure for Sentinel Comics: the Roleplaying Game!

Bugs! They're everywhere! The city is overrun with a new plague - Myriad. Can you work together to defeat him? This adventure continues the story of our newest team of heroes, Daybreak, who were introduced in the Stolen Legacy one-shot adventure.

Please note: This one-shot does not include any pre-generated character sheets. It is recommended that you play through the Stolen Legacy one-shot adventure first to learn the story of the newest heroes, Daybreak. The 5 characters includes with Stolen Legacy can then be used for this adventure. However, with minor adjustments this adventure can be played with any characters.

This product gives GMs everything they need to play an entire story, but they should have a basic understanding of the rules of Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game.

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