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Haldo, I am a random peasant who spends her time on the wiki trying to create new templates and wrangle wikicode and CSS to make things prettier. I spend my time in the Sentinels fandom in general fangirling Argent Adept and Unity, being Jean-Marc's groupie, and squeeing over/contemplating new lore.

I only get to play the digital version of SotM, but I do have all the currently-released Tactics stuff.

Projects in progress:

  • Converting all major characters into a CharacterCard template for better organizing variant cards and their bio/lore information and putting more information into them.
    • Full heroes + hero villains: Done with conversion + proofreading against Multiverse/wiki card images.
    • Villains + villain heroes: In progress.
    • Template: Overall structure basically done, reworking code details to better accommodate certain exceptions as I come across them.
  • Deck template for more consistent formatting of said.
  • References/Clarifications template for more consistent formatting of those.
    • Mostly done; probably not going to change hugely from what's already coded.
  • Possibly restructuring the Heroes and Villains tables so they can be sorted by edition and complexity.
  • Possibly redesigning Main Page to be less wall-of-text and have more navigation options available up-front.

I apologize for having to plaster minor edits all over the Recent Changes.