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Lynkfox, Primary Administrator of the Sentinels Wiki.

More to come.

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  • Podcast Pages, Transcribe.

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  • Finish Converting Game pages to Template:Edition
  • Finish Character Appearances
  • Transfer over to name/Comics pages and References#Questions all of the Podcast info.
  • Get all those juicy images from the Podcast rss page
  • Find and link to Strategy Guides on various character pages as needed.
  • Ambuscade Power Cards
  • Unity Power Cards
  • Visionary Power Cards
  • The Operative Power Cards
  • Proletariat Power Cards
  • Get Sentinel Tactics Ongoing/Action icons, integrate into Tactics Panels

Test Area

Absolute Zero

Base: Tempers are running hot. Time to cool things down!
Chokepoint: The metal you wear as a skin... I will give it true purpose. You won't need it anymore, soon.
AZ: Look, lady. I get that you want to take my suit, but I really need it. You need to chill.
Iron Legacy: You were never really a hero, Frost. Stop pretending and submit to justice.
AZ:You were always the best of us. What could have driven you to such madness?
Proletariat Ah! The dog of the government, come to bark at the people. You wear your collar well, dog.
AZ: I don't know what your problem is, but you are going down. All of you!
'Team Villain Miss Information:

Freedom Six: Absolute Zero

Base: When you get cold enough, you can't feel anything at all. Here, I'll show you.
Chokepoint: You may have smothered your suit in ice, but it will still answer my call. Come, my pretties...
AZ: Poor Choke - all grown up and still so angry. You'll find me much less your pawn now.
Iron Legacy: You have faced me before and failed, Zero. Live up to your name. Give up now.
AZ: That's cold, boss. Bad news: I'm not so easily frightened. Let's do this.
Proletariat You and your so-called allies are all slaves! Puppets! No matter your form!
AZ: I have not seen you in a long time, old foes. Time for you to go back under ice again!
'Team Villain Miss Information:

Termi-Nation Absolute Zero

Base: I'm running out of time, team. Let's put this villain on ice and get outta here.
Chokepoint: All of your pieces shall be my thralls! Prepare to fall apart, little man.
AZ: Fine, take my suit. I mean, I'm not really fine with it, but I've got a few tricks of my own.
Iron Legacy: I've taken down you and your allies before. Your ice cannot withstand the might of iron!
AZ: You couldn't take me out in your messed up future, and I'm at least as cool as that guy!
Proletariat You fight for false ideals, government slave-dog. Fall before the People's Hammer!
AZ: Look, pal. We've been over this. I hate to give you the cold shoulder, but you're going down.
'Team Villain Miss Information:

Freedom Five Absolute Zero

Iron Legacy:
'Team Villain Miss Information:


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