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Fireside Chats

  • The Visionary gets to make different Twist the Ether decisions for every instance of damage, even if it’s one source damaging multiple targets. She can also change her mind on Twist the Ether decisions after damage is redirected.
  • You are allowed to play cards that go next to another card when there are no applicable cards to do so (for example, Wrest the Mind with no non-character targets in play). The card goes to the trash but is not destroyed.
  • Suppose Prophetic Vision is used on the environment deck, and Shinobi Assassin is revealed. It immediately enters play and deals its damage. It counts as one of the 3 cards revealed, so the Visionary would only have 2 cards to choose from for the rest of Prophetic Vision.
  • If Twist the Ether is next to a card that deals irreducible damage, you can choose to reduce the damage (which does nothing).
  • ...However, Wrest the Mind and Twist the Ether work differently due to their text. Once either hero become isolated, these cards no longer have a valid target next to them and so are destroyed.
  • If Prophetic Vision reveals the top 3 cards of the environment deck, and one of them is a Shinobi Assassin, the Shinobi Assassin gets put into play, does its damage and then the Visionary chooses between the 2 remaining cards.

Spiff's Clarifications

Brain Burn

  • This card reads, “put the villain trash on the bottom of the villain deck. the Visionary deals herself x psychic damage, where x = the number of cards removed from the villain trash this way”. If the villain trash has more cards in it than visionary has remaining hp, you will still move all of the cards from the villain trash to the bottom of the villain deck and deal Visionary the full amount of damage. You would not only move cards and deal damage up to visionary’s remaining hp. The Visionary

Decoy Projection

  • Because the players can decide the order damage is dealt in many cases, it would be legal for the player to first redirect the damage from Visionary to the decoy, and then have the Decoy Projection take its own damage (if it were still alive), to ensure that the Decoy didn’t die before Visionary could redirect her damage to it.

Twist the Ether

  • This card is played next to a target, and says that whenever that target would deal damage, visionary may change the type of the damage if she wishes, and may either reduce or increase the amount of damage dealt by 1. if the target executes an attack that damages multiple targets, Visionary may choose different types/damage modifiers per target. She may also change her mind on the decision she’s made after damage is redirected to a new target. Fireside Chats

Wrest the Mind

  • This card is played next to a non-character card target. Whenever that target deals damage, you may redirect that damage to another target, but you must deal the card’s target and visionary 3 psychic damage each. Because of the order of the wording on the card, the 3 psychic damage is dealt to the card’s target before it is dealt to Visionary. This means that it’s possible for the damage to destroy the card’s target, which would cause “Wrest the Mind” to leave play, and visionary wouldn’t need to take the 3 psychic damage herself. Answers to Debated Questions Also, just to be clear, it is legal to have the damage that is redirected from the card’s target be redirected back onto the card’s target itself if you want. The Visionary