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With the fall of South Korea to North Korea and rumors of nuclear testing near the Chinese-Tibetan border, the late 2000s brought with them a growing suspicion of hostilities from the Far East. When the Chinese began establishing military bases throughout the Pacific Islands and finally announced their nuclear stockpile, the U.S.’s suspicions of China’s aggressive new regime were confirmed.

Not wanting to come out the losers of this new Cold War, President Hargett secretly authorized the Department of Defense to begin testing methods of creating bio-engineered soldiers. Early iterations of testing were limited to solders already on active duty, but then Secretary of Defense Anthony Partin greenlit Project Cocoon. Selected from a census of already pregnant Chinese couples with combined high academic test scores, Sun and Pao Long were offered $500,000 to allow scientists to inject their unborn baby with Compound PSY-200.

After six months of weekly injections, Sun gave birth to Vanessa Long. Kept at the testing facility, Vanessa began to exhibit psychic abilities by the age of two months, able to move and manipulate small objects from only a few feet away. At three months, Vanessa’s mother suddenly dropped dead. Unable to confirm that Sun’s fatal brain aneurysm was unrelated to the injections, President Hargett ordered the program to be shut down. Plagued with grief over his lost wife, Pao wanted nothing to do with his infant daughter and left her in the care of the U.S. government. The sole success of the program, Vanessa would be trained to use her powers for combat and reconnaissance.

Fast forward to 2018: the U.S., already severely crippled by an increase in super powered criminal activity, fell to the combined forces of the Pan-Asian People’s Republic. While she’d fought alongside other heroes, including the Freedom Six, her efforts eventually proved fruitless. Realizing that there was nothing else she could do in her time, Vanessa, now calling herself “The Visionary”, used her psychic powers to transport herself back to our present. Unfortunately, psychic time travel is not without its costs. An inter-dimensional hitchhiker, another version of Vanessa who had made very, very different choices, now occupies a corner of her psyche, and the great strain required to bend time ruptured a blood vessel in her brain. While she could use a portion of her abilities to slow the bleeding, her time was still limited. With some extra baggage and a ticking clock, The Visionary will have to use everything at her disposal - both to save the free world and her infant self.

    • A psychic from The Future! (or an alternate reality or whatever - the distant year of 2018) - telekinetic, telepathy, some precognition as she sees glimpses of the future/alternate realities, some minor reality/mind manipulation abilities. Generally a "Swiss Army Knife mind-power character" - a generalist rather than a specialist as a result of her training.
    • In her home timeline (not the canon timeline), there was a "second Cold War" involving the US and the Far East (North Korea won so there's just Korea and China is also expanding its sphere of influence). President Hargett authorized Project Cocoon which involves a bunch of experiments on humans still in utero in the hope of creating a group of super soldiers. This had some successful results, but kind of resulted in the downfall of the US anyway since these super-powered people were, y'know, hard to control. Vanessa Long was not one of the troublemakers, though, and was a good soldier. A lot of the other heroes you'd expect to be around have died (Legacy's still around, but is having a rough time of it since most of his friends have died and he's more likely to injure opponents as he's less concerned with "doing the right thing" and is largely what Legacy would be like without hope - he's not Iron Legacy-level yet, but Visionary would later recall that the Legacy she remembered "was a much... angrier man.").
    • Vanessa feels this "tug" telling her that if she goes back in time, prevents Project Cocoon, and saves herself she can "fix" this situation. This doesn't exactly work given the difficulty in true time travel and so winds up in the "past", but of a different reality (the canon timeline). And so here she is - arriving on the scene as a fully trained, pretty bad-ass psychic soldier. What she didn't know, however, was that she'd picked something up along the way. Another reality's Vanessa Long (who was evil/destructive/chaotic) was killed by that reality's heroes at the same "time" as Visionary's trip between realities and this Vanessa's psyche latched onto the heroic one rather than passing on into the afterlife or whatever. This other version of her is now a voice in the back of her mind wanting to get out and take over. She now knows that it's there, but needs to exert some significant measure of her power keeping it locked up.
    • She sets off to go save her unborn self and quickly figures out that she's not actually in her own past due to differences (no second Cold War, etc.). In her search for Vanessa Long, though, she discovers that it's instead of a sanctioned government project it's a private sector (and obviously super secret) one (this is a general difference - it's obviously a "better" world on the surface, but there's a lot of conspiracy-type stuff going on that she has to learn to navigate/investigate). She finds Vanessa once she's around a year old- her parents had been told that she died at birth, but she breaks into the Cocoon facility and has an encounter with Major Flay (one of the Project's early successes - he has tendrils that he can extend from his arms and electrocute people with). He's a true believer and fights her when she shows up to disrupt the project. She's mostly defensive in physical fights, so this is a bit rough for her but she eventually wins (despite having to hold her mental hitchhiker in check the whole time).
    • She frees the infant Vanessa, destroys all Project records of her to prevent them coming after her, and returns her to her parents. Hooray! Everything is saved forever! That job done, she needs to find her place in this new world. The conspiracy investigation thing becomes her shtick in her solo book Mind Over Matter - when there's big stuff going on in the world of Sentinel Comics, she's usually on the periphery looking into these hidden aspects rather than in the "main action". She's also not one to shy away from killing (not to say that she's a straight-up "murder hero", but she's more likely to put a recurring problem down).
    • Next major thing is when the young Vanessa is 6 years old and falls into a coma. Visionary feels the psychic echos of what's going on and so is the first to know that something's up. While in the coma Vanessa is having nightmares, those nightmares are also being manifested in reality and are wrecking up the place. To most people these projections look real and are treated as such - heroes will fight them thinking they're demons or aliens or whatever, but once they're defeated they just dissipate, which is odd. It's a long time in the comics before what these things are is actually discovered, but their appearances do accelerate over time. Visionary's eventually the one to pin-point where things are coming from and the heroes go in to try to take care of it (as the actual Dreamer event). Visionary spends most of the time in "psychic therapy" trying to get at the root problem and wake her up while the other heroes are fighting off the projections around her. This is ultimately successful, but Visionary realizes that the powers would have manifested anyway; that rescuing Vanessa from Project Cocoon didn't stop it.
    • Something new that I don't recall the guys actually addressing before (I can imagine that I've simply overlooked it, though) - there was something of a giant over-arching thing that happened that they call the Multiverse Event that the game is actually based on and it kind of kicked off with the Visionary's initial arrival in the canon timeline. Alternate Realities and Time Travel weren't really things that happened before this point and it's not revealed that the Timelines had been Shattered by OblivAeon until much later. That's not to say that there weren't attempts to figure out what was going on with all of this prior to that reveal - one of the discoveries in that process was the idea of Fixed Points and that "young Vanessa Long develops psychic powers" is a commonality between realities regardless of whether there's a Project Cocoon in that reality. OblivAeon is forcing as many realities' Fixed Points to overlap as much as possible since once they overlap enough he can collapse them (thus destroying them).
  • Next up, Gloomweaver fight while she's working alongside the Prime Wardens. The Cult was succeeding, Gloomweaver was manifesting, and Visionary took a big magic-backlash-type hit. She is forced to put up a really powerful Telekinetic Cocoon and she hides out on the bottom of the ocean a while while she's regenerating. At the same time she's dealing with her own powers fighting her due to that backlash effect and so things just are generally terrible. Meanwhile, Gloomweaver is successfully summoned by the Cult and is manifested fully in the world. About this time the cocoon shatters and she arrives back where Gloomy was and casually banishes him again. Sure, she looks and acts a bit different now, but this was a tough fight and everybody saw her take that hit, so the other heroes (and the readers!) are able to rationalize away the changes. She's now Dark Visionary - the psychic hitchhiker she picked up managed to take over while she was at her weakest in the cocoon - nobody knows that this is actually a different person. She's this way for a long time - even until after the Progeny fight.
    • Her ongoing book is cancelled at this point and she'll just show up for guest spots occasionally - popping up, doing something harsh/brutal, and going on again. Nobody really likes having her around anymore and she's constantly doing creepy small mind-reading stuff that's borderline (or overtly) invasive.
Visionary Dark Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $30k stretch reward.

Less than a year after using her considerable psychic abilities to wrench herself backwards through time, Vanessa Long could feel the impact of her actions. She constantly ached, fought against daily migraines, and her mind was scattered - focusing on this time and reality grew more difficult with each passing day. Worst of all, the dark version of herself which had "hitched a ride" on her jaunt through time fed off her pain.

All it took was the right amount of stress. In battle against the dreaded GloomWeaver, The Visionary wrapped herself in a telekinetic cocoon in order to avoid a swarm of arcane cultists, but when she did so, her fellow heroes heard a muffled scream from within the glowing purple energy barrier. It shattered with a burst of green energy, throwing cultists about like rag dolls. A pale, maniacally grinning Vanessa Long strode forth, waving a dismissive gesture at GloomWeaver, which banished him from this realm entirely.

"Hello, dearies," Visionary cooed. "Let's go save the Multiverse … "

This Visionary felt different … darker. However, she still knew all the heroes, and she had helped against the villain. When questioned, she insisted that she was fine. In fact, she felt better than ever before! So, Dark Visionary fights alongside the Sentinels of the Multiverse … for now …

  • Tachyon is studying time travel, they know that Visionary's messed with it and she agrees to help in the study. The various scientists detect that there's not just something up with time travel, but that she's got some weird extra brain patterns in there or something. Whoops, can't have that cat out of the bag and so she just kills the scientists too by erasing their minds (she erases Tachyon's memory of these events while she's out it). Visionary opens a portal to The Block and then falls to the ground as if she's been knocked out. The rest of the Freedom Five show up and find the dead scientists and that Tachyon can't remember what happened. Visionary "wakes up" and suggests that since there's this portal open to the Block that F.I.L.T.E.R. must have had something to do with it. This succeeded in instigating a big fight between the Freedom Five and F.I.L.T.E.R. in the Block - this is part of what let Kismet escape, it sets F.I.L.T.E.R. on course to be going after powered people instead of focusing on aliens, and makes them rather blasé about that particular reality being on its way to being destroyed later on (ignoring that it's all realities). So, it's Dark Visionary's fault that F.I.L.T.E.R. becomes bad guys.
    • Now we've got some fun dramatic irony going on since the readers know that she's evil but the other characters have to find out later. There's still a lot of theories running around, though: did she just snap, did the dark passenger take over and the good Visionary is now "dead" (this was the most prevalent theory out there), have their positions just reversed and the good one is still in there somewhere?
    • Heroes do catch on and confront her. One notable example is one involving Dark Watch where Nightmist is trying to magic her way in there to figure out what's going on. Then Citizens Hammer and Anvil show up in the middle of that fight and offer Visionary a position as a Citizen (they'd been sent out to find Project Cocoon subjects). So now there's a three-way fight between Dark Watch, Dark Visionary, and the two Citizens. Most of Dark Watch is knocked out, Expatriette manages to take down Anvil while Hammer is busy fighting Vis. This latter is resolved when Visionary enters his mind, goes from there into the Void pulling his mind through with her to fight there (see Hammer's VotM incap side). There he sees the good Visionary trapped there too - the first time the readers see that she's still there and fighting the Dark version. While DV is busy with Hammer, the good one lets out a psychic scream that cracks the crystal prison she's trapped in (weakening it, but not freeing her). DV has had enough of this and incaps Hammer casually (without doing any lasting damage to him) because the fight was too much of a distraction.
    • Argent Adept was also able to hear the scream since they were in the Void at the time, though, and so now the other heroes are aware that the good Visionary is still there somewhere. They can't act on this immediately, however, because this is when Jansa vi Dero starts up the Cosmic Contest, pitting all of the heroes against one another in weird otherworldly scenarios (there will be an episode about that specifically). For our purposes here, though, AA takes advantage of a fight with Visionary to 1. free the good version and 2. banish Dark Visionary to the outer edges of the Void (whatever it means for it to have "edges"). Our good old Vanessa Long is back, but now without the psychic baggage that she's had to deal with since her arrival (Visionary Unleashed variant).
  • Vengeance! Baron Blade was aware of Project Cocoon (and vice versa) and contracted out Major Flay to capture Visionary to take back to the Project. During the big fight with everybody, Flay finds her and calls her out. She just tears him to pieces, which is a bit of a shock to everybody.

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Visionary Unleashed Foil Front.jpg

Variant Visionary Unleashed: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $90k stretch reward.

First Appearance: Cosmic Contest

The Visionary was overwhelmed by the dark force within her years ago. Since then, she has been masquerading as a hero, all while subverting those around her, and using her position as a hero to benefit herself and grow in power.

During a cosmic event in which all of this world’s heroes were brought together and pitted against each other, the Argent Adept became aware of the fact that the dark version of the Visionary had taken control of her form. As Dark Visionary attempted to incapacitate the musical magician, he delved deep into the Void to reach into Vanessa Long’s psyche and free her from the dark influence therein.

Now the Visionary stands alongside her fellow heroes, no longer burdened by the darkness that has plagued her since she first set foot in this reality. Her mind is focused and sharp, and just in time, too. The heroes will need all the help they can get against this cosmic foe that approaches Earth.

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  • OblivAeon grabs Dark Visionary out in the Void and offers her a job. She's powered up, given a form to work with, and is now the Scion Dark Mind - just really obviously Dark Visionary at her worst.

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Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

When The Visionary psychically hurled herself backwards through time, she knew that she would barely survive, at best. She wasn't wrong. However, years have passed, and The Visionary continues to work alongside the heroes of this time - not her time, but a time she helped make and helped preserve. She has found her access to the timelines cut off by recent events, and has little issue with that. But her body is failing as her mind becomes less and less connected to the physical world. She has taken to keeping an object of focus close at hand, psionically manipulating it constantly to keep her psyche connected to reality.

The Visionary still fights the foes of this time. She knows not how much time she has, but she does know that, surprisingly, she has grown attached to her allies here, and reflects sometimes that she will miss them. She is harsh in her treatment of foes, but not quite so harsh as she used to be, as she has learned valuable lessons in the alluring pull of negative energy.

What the future holds for The Visionary is uncertain. She is unused to having a wide-open future. And she welcomes it, eagerly. She has evolved from the last hope for existence to her own hope for beautiful uncertainty.

Eventually, around issue 30 of the Prime Warden's relaunched book, Visionary dies. She is unable to continue to keep herself alive, having spent far to long with death hanging over her from her time jumping stunt so long ago. She has been practically dead for a very long time now, only staying around because of her intense psychic power. Eventually, she can't handle it, and simply passes

  • She's suffering some severe negative side-effects from containing/expelling Dark Visionary and then great expenditures of power in the OblivAeon event. She's functionally inanimate at this point, but nobody knows that because she uses her telekinetic abilities to still move herself around. The art has her manipulating a Rubik's Cube as a point of focus to keep her mind from wandering. Spoilers! Eventually (as in, the future of the future setting that is Tactics), she dies. Something like issue 30 of the relaunched Prime Wardens book. It's not due to any villain injuring her, she just can't hack it anymore - after a battle she collapses and is rushed to a hospital where she dies.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • Here she's an active member of the Prime Wardens. She didn't suffer as much from exerting herself in this timeline. Her power is a bit reduced here relative to the Tactics version, but at least she's not dying.