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Minor Character: Vyktor


Name: Vyktor
HP: 4
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Proletariat
Nemesis: Tempest

Vyktor is the sadistic genius behind the Gene-Bound soldiers of Voss army. He is responsible for the experiments that twist those alien races into shock troops and soldiers for Voss. After Voss disappearance Vyktor continues his experiments, becoming even more saddistic and inhumane in his actions.

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

Vyktor has been badly injured during the OblivAeon fights. Vyktor uses a genetically created clone slave known as Harold Fineman to assume control of RevoCorp, and takes the mantle of Revenant - the suit being the only thing keeping him alive. He begins to use RevoCorp to seek out the OblivAeon Shards, hoping to use them to gain power and to stabilize his dying form.

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • This is the same Vyktor in The Thorathian Armada, First Lt. Vyktor. After some major … life changes Confirmed by Christopher at Gathering of Heroes 2014

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Now that Vyktor is on his own, what happened to Voss's other lieutenant (banished along with him by Nightmist)? Why is Vyktor more of a sadist now? He was always a cold-blooded sadist, so this wasn't any kind of character derailment. He might have seemed more mellow just because he's operating under Voss's direction, but he's always been terrible. Field Lieutenant Tamar died during the initial Voss invasion arc. Vyktor was the one behind the gene-bound slaves, apparently - tearing apart people (aliens) and putting them back together as the gene-bound forces.