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Fireside Chats

  • If Breaking the Rules is in play, players may draw an additional card in their draw card phase (if they neither play a card nor use a power in their end of turn phase).
  • Suppose there are 4 heroes. If Playing Dice with the Cosmos comes into play on the 4th hero’s turn, the other 3 heroes get another turn before the environment turn.
  • Suppose Breaking the Rules comes into play at the end of a hero turn. That hero now gets another draw, power, play, and start phase.
  • Wager Master’s “Put X hero cards from play back into their player’s hands” text excludes their character card.
  • “Pick a Card, Pick a Fate” says “Choose a keyword.” This means any keyword that could possibly be in Wager Master’s deck.
  • The hero cards put in the villain deck from "What do you really know?" follow similar rules to Ambuscade's trap cards (i.e., the thing goes off even if it's part of revealing cards, etc).
  • Wager Master’s flipped side says “Flip one (a face-down card) and treat it as if it had just been played”. When other cards of Wager Master flip a face-down card face-up, they do not act as if the card had just been played. However, they are in play and their game text is now in effect.
  • “Treat it as if it had just been played” causes the order of start/end of turn effects to be changed.
  • If “Breaking the Rules” is out, and a hero plays a card that has “immediately end your turn” in it, they go back to the “End” phase and they get to do the next 4 phases again.
  • With “The New Deal”, if a hero incapacitates themself, the game ends immediately.
  • If hero target A deals itself damage from “The New Deal”, and that damage is redirected to hero B, and hero B becomes incapacitated, that still counts as “is incapacitated this way.” Counter damage that a hero target deals itself because of something like “Combat Stance” does not count.
  • Wager Master does not gain HP from “The New Deal” when Wager Master himself flips to his back side, because villain character cards cannot be flipped “face-down”. He does not gain HP if “The New Deal” card itself gets flipped, as the card loses the game text before the effect occurs.
  • With “What do you really know?”, players can see which cards are being removed from their decks.
  • When Wager Master's deck has a hero card in it, and that hero is incapacitated, the cards are removed from the deck as part of being removed from the game.
  • When “An Unwise Wager” is in play and a hero is incapacitated, when the cards of their deck are removed from the game, it does not count for “if any hero deck ever has no cards in it.” There’s not an empty deck - the deck no longer exists.
  • If Unwise Wager flips Unanswerable Question face-up, it immediately goes to the trash.
  • If two copies of What Do You Really Know? are in play, Wager Master only deals damage once for each hero card on top of his deck.
  • If Jack Handle activates from a dynamic amount of damage, the amount is fixed upon first attempting to deal damage. This can occur in situations with Impossible Quandary.
  • Wager Master says, “At the start of the villain turn, all face-down villain cards are shuffled, then the first card is flipped face up and treated as if it had just been put into play.” Buffer Overflow does not trigger on this, because it’s not in a “would enter play” state. It did enter play and that cannot be interrupted.