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Impossible Quandary (x3)
Each hero target deals itself X psychic damage, where X = the number of condition cards in play. Flip one face-down villain card.
Art: Wager Master watching the Wraith in a maze;
Flavor text: "Where to go, where to go... Are you sure about the right turn you took a few turns back?" - Wager Master, Freedom Five #175
Pick a Card, Pick a Fate (x3)
Choose a keyword. Reveal the top card of the villain deck. If the revealed card has that keyword, discard it (even if it is an indestructible card). If not, put the card into play.
Art: Wager Master with a poker hat on deciding which card to pick. Ra is the King of Clubs. Haka is the King of Spades. Tachyon is the Queen of Hearts. Nightmist is the Queen of Diamonds;
Flavor text: "The only way to win is to not play his twisted games! If only we had the luxury." - Dr. Medico, Southwest Sentinels #23
Unanswerable Question (x3)
Each player must destroy one of their ongoing or equipment cards. If fewer than H-icon.png cards were destroyed this way, put this card face-down in the villain play area.
Art: Setback on a gameshow by Wager Master called "Know or Die";
Flavor text: "Ha ha ha, that was a lucky guess, my friend! Ready for the next question?" - Wager Master, Endgame #2


A Burning Sense of Failure (x2)
Whenever a condition card is flipped face-down, Wager Master deals the hero target with the highest hp 2 fire damage.
Art: Wager Master shaped as an Iron about to land on Unity;
Flavor text: "Really? An iron? You're just a terrible joke. And that's coming from me." - Unity, Freedom Five Annual #23
Breaking the Rules (x2)
The phases of hero turns now go in this order:
* End of turn
* Draw a card
* Use a power
* Play a card
* Start of turn
Art: The Sentinels stuck in a staircase maze;
Flavor text: "This is wrong. It goes against the intent of things." - Writhe, Southwest Sentinels #23
What Do You Really Know? (x2)
At the end of the villain turn, shuffle the top card of each hero deck into the villain deck. If a hero card is on the top of the villain deck, move it to that hero's trash and Wager Master deals that hero 4 psychic damage. This card is indestructible.
Art: Ryan Frost staring at the helmet for the Absolute Zero suit as the Wager Master chats with him;
Flavor text: "Yeah, yeah, you can feel the air on your skin. Focus here. Your friends are liars, remember?" - Wager Master, Freedom Five #176

Ongoing, Condition

An Unwise Wager (x1)
At the end of the villain turn, each player may discard the top card of their deck. If H-icon.png cards are discarded this way, flip this card face-down. If not, flip a face-down villain card. If any hero deck ever has no cards in it, the heroes lose the game.
Art: Wager Master showing Expatriette a version of herself with Citizen Dawn's powers;
Flavor text: "But what if you did have power? And by power, I mean ALL of it... " - Wager Master, Endgame #6
Losing to the Odds (x1) : At the end of the villain turn, if each hero target has an even amount of current HP but less than their maximum HP, the heroes win the game. If not, destroy 1 non-villain target with 4 HP or fewer.
Art: Wager Master as Godzilla monster shooting beams from this eyes;
Flavor text: "Ok, he's changed from 'all fun and games' to 'burn it all'. We need a plan." - Nightmist, Endgame #4
Not All He Seems (x1)
Whenever Wager Master would be dealt damage, prevent that damage and flip this card face-down instead. If there are no cards in the villain deck, the heroes win the game.
Art: Wager Master's eyes coming out of his head as The Scholar offers him the Philosopher's Stone;
Flavor text: "You won. Go ahead - It's all yours. That is, if you think you can understand it." - The Scholar, Freedom Five Annual #23
Playing Dice with the Cosmos (x1)
Hero turn order starts with the player nearest to the environment area, moving around the table counter-clockwise, ending with the player nearest to the villain area. At the end of the villain turn, if any heroes are incapacitated, the heroes lose the game.
Art: Wager Master holding the sun in his fingers. The sun is surrounded by now dice shaped planets;
Flavor text: "I get my way. I mean, I don't always get my way. But I always have fun!" - Wager Master, Freedom Five Annual #23
The New Deal (x1)
At the end of the villain turn, each hero target with an even amount of HP deals itself 3 psychic damage. If a hero is incapacitated this way, the heroes lose the game. Whenever a villain card is flipped face-down, Wager Master regains H-icon.png HP.
Art: Wager Master holding out his hand for a handshake with Guise. Wager Master's hand has a buzzer attached to battery;
Flavor text: "Look, friend. You and I are clearly cut from the same cloth. What do you say to a truce?" - Wager Master, The Best Book! #3
Wagelings [6] (x4)
At the end of the villain turn, this card deals each hero target 1 melee damage. When this card is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, flip it face-down. At the start of the villain turn, if there are more villain targets than hero targets, the heroes lose the game.
Art: Wager Master sending out an army of clockwork Wager Master toys;
Flavor text: "Uh, so, normally I'm all about lots of things to fight... But these things are freakin' me out." - Mainstay, Southwest Sentinels #23
Who Are You Fighting (x1)
When this card enters play, each player draws a card and each Target regains 2 HP. If Wager Master is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, the heroes lose the game.
Art: Wager Master sending off an entity that is an amalgamation of the various heroes;
Flavor text: "Isn't he precious? I named him after you guys! Go get them, Misguided Fool!" - Wager Master, Freedom Five #177