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Environment: Wagner Mars Base

Set: Enhanced Edition

Originally funded by billionaire entrepreneur Jane Wagner as part of a project to transform humanity into a multi-planetary species, the Wagner Mars Base quickly became a hub of planetary research.

Located near the center of Hellas Planitia and supporting a population of nearly 2,000 scientists and support personnel, the base is the first and largest human research facility outside of Earth’s gravity well. Wagner Mars Base supports scientists working on a variety of government and civilian research projects, including artificial atmosphere containment, robotics, exobiology, and weapons research.

To prevent sensitive material from falling into the hands of terrorists, the base is equipped with a self destruct sequence, to be used only as a last resort.

Fire in the Biosphere (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals each Target 2 Fire Damage. Each Hero must either destroy 1 of their Ongoing cards or take 2 more Fire Damage. At the start of the Environment turn, 1 player may discard 2 cards to destroy this card.
Art: Trees on fire in front of the waterfall in the biosphere;
Flavor text: Fanatic's wings drooped as she wiped the sweat from her brow. "It's hotter than the gates of hell in here," she growled.
Maintenance Level (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, play the next Environment card. At the start of the Environment turn, if each player shuffles their trash into their Hero deck, destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, if "Self-Destruct Sequence" is in play, put this card on top of the countdown pile.
Art: Bunker charging up the suit as Fright Train breaks in;
Flavor text: "Careful in here, team!" Legacy shouted over the noise of the machinery. "If something goes wrong in here, the chain-reaction will be catastrophic!"
Meteor Storm (x2)
All Targets are immune to Damage. At the start of their turn, a Player may skip the rest of their turn to destroy this card.
Art: Legacy in space destroying a meteor with his fist;
Flavor text: The constant pelting of space rocks on the Mars Base dome shut down enough of the life-support to make combat impossible, let alone survival.
Oxygen Leak (x3)
Reduce all Fire Damage by 3. At the end of the Environment turn, 1 Player may discard 1 card to destroy this card. At the start of the Environment turn, deal each Target X Toxic Damage, where X = the number of cards in the Environment trash.
Art: Tempest holding onto a pole with one arm while holding onto Wraith with the other who is being sucked out by a hole in the base;
Flavor text: Gasping for breath, Haka slammed his forehead into the emergency seal control panel. "Work, damn you!"
Pervasive Red Dust (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, destroy H-icon.png Equipment cards. At the start of the Environment turn, if each player discards 1 card, destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, each player may put 1 Equipment card from their trash into play.
Art: The Visionary dumping red dust out of her boot and Absolute trying to knock out red dust in his suit;
Flavor text: The red grit made its way into everything, bogging down servos and gumming up gears. Absolute Zero was certain he would never hear again.
Self-Destruct Sequence (x1)
When this card comes into play, put the top 2 cards of the Environment deck face down next to it. That pile is the Countdown Pile. If the Countdown Pile is ever empty, everyone dies. Game over. At the start of their turn, a Player may skip the rest of their turn to put the top card of the Environment deck onto the Countdown Pile. At the start of the Environment turn, if the Countdown Pile contains H-icon.png plus 2 cards, the sequence has been aborted and the Countdown Pile and this card are destroyed. Otherwise, discard the top card of the Countdown Pile.
Art: A countdown timer for the Self-Destruct Sequence;
Flavor text: As Tachyon dispatched the last drone, Omnitron overrode the base's computer systems to engage the self-destruct sequence, no one would survive this day.
Villainous Weaponry [5] (x3)
Increase Damage dealt by Villain Targets by 1.
Art: Grand Warlord Voss decked out in armor and with a weapon;
Flavor text: Having a weapons cache on the Mars Base was mostly a precaution. No one expected an alien warlord to turn those weapons on the Earth.

Meta: Wagner Mars Base

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  • The card "Pervasive Red Dust" destroys equipment cards. The card art shows Visionary shaking the red dust out of her boot. Mechanically, the Visionary can't be effected by "Pervasive Red Dust" as she doesn't have any equipment cards.
  • Among her other remarkable accomplishments, Dr. Meredith Stinson (Tachyon) is directly responsible for the fact that humanity finally got around to visiting Mars, and thus indirectly responsible for the existence of the Mars base. [1]

To Other Works

  • Space bases with self-destruct timers like Wagner are a common sci-fi trope. The film that truly popularized the idea was Ridley Scott's Alien.


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Fireside Chats

  • Cards in the Self-Destruct Sequence countdown pile work like other cards under cards. They are still considered environment cards and can be destroyed by Flash Flood, etc. The countdown is aborted if there are at least H + 2 cards in the pile.
  • If Self-Destruct Sequence is the last (or second-last) card in the environment deck, it causes a reshuffle. If there 1 or fewer cards left even after a reshuffle, put as many as possible into the countdown pile. If it's empty, you lose!
  • If two Meteor Storms are in play, skipping your turn only destroys one of them.