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Sentinel Tactics: The Wraith Power Cards

Adhesive Foam Pellets
Action: If a target would be damaged by this attack, reduce the target's Move Value to 1 instead.

Vertex Area Attack
Origin 4,
Flavor text: "Hey, those look awfully familiar... did you swipe my foam grenade tech?" - Bunker, The Wraith #28
Combat Stance
Ongoing: Whenever an attack is resolved against the Wraith for the first time each turn, she makes this attack against her attacker.

Flavor text: "I don't have a lot of time for the old 'cat and mouse'. Sorry - been a busy day." - The Wraith, The Wraith #18
Slip Into Shadows
Ongoing: The first time the Wraith would be attacked each turn, she may sprint. Then, resolve that attack. (If the attack is now impossible, the attack misses.)
Flavor text: "It'll be at least half an hour before anyone realizes we're here. This is the perfect crime." - Thug, Dark Watch #1
Stun Bolt
Action: Whenever this attack resolves, if any of this attack's dice made range, the target gains an Attack-1 token and a Defense-1 token.

Flavor text: "Alrighty, hot stuff. Time for you to take a chill pill. ...ugh, Frost is such a bad influence." - The Wraith, Sentinel Sagas #11
Targeting Computer
Ongoing: Surge: Gain an Aim token.
Ongoing: The Wraith has Reach +6.
Flavor text: "Information is power. Go ahead. Continue your rant all about my lack of powers." - The Wraith, Freedom Five #36
Throwing Knives
Action: This attack may attack two different targets.

Flavor text: "Hah! You keep on coming back - I've got plenty of these blades waiting for you!" - The Wraith, Dark Watch #5