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  • An early rendering of Spite appears on the card "Inventory Barrage." There are numerous differences between this rendering of Spite and the finalized version seen in the Rook City expansion, with the early version lacking the long right sleeve and coat-tail of Spite's official outfit. In addition, the early version has more pronounced gloves, sports a lighter color scheme, and doesn't have any hypodermic needles on his chest strap.
  • The device pictured in "Impromptu Invention" has become something of a running joke in the Sentinels franchise, appearing on numerous cards in various decks. It remains unknown what, if anything, it actually does.
  • The art on Wraith's incapacitated side seems to be an homage to the cover of Daredevil Vol. 2, Issue 3, where Daredevil crouches on a cathedral roof embracing a cross. The pictures are not exact copies however.
  • "Throat Jab" depicts Wraith elbowing a Macabre Spectre from The Dreamer's deck.
  • Freedom Six Wraith: The weapons on this card are very close to The Operative's
  • The Incap side of the Wraith's variant art pack card shows the Wraith standing over the bodies of comic supporting-cast characters Sara Scott and Eduardo López after their murder by Spite (see the Letters Page episode on the Wraith and the art on the Spite card Collateral Damage).


  • The Wraith is Jewish per Adam She is indeed Jewish, though I'd say her observance level is not high. Reform Judaism is probably accurate - crime doesn't keep the Sabbath, and I imagine her "night life" makes getting to Synagogue on time difficult. GtG forums
  • In the Iron Legacy timeline, The Wraith decides that the only way to get the resources necessary to fight Iron Legacy is to takeover the Organization for herself. She dispatches The Chairman and the Operative and assumes their power. Gen Con 2016 Q&A

To Other Works

  • The Wraith has many obvious similarities with DC Comic's Batman. Both characters are genius detectives that chose to take up crime-fighting as the result of a tragedy. Both use technology and martial arts in place of superpowers. Both have rich socialite alter-egos.
  • The Wraith is visually similar to Cassandra Cain, the second Batgirl.
  • Most, if not all, of the Wraith's equipment cards are analogous to tools used by Batman.
  • Freedom Six Wraith: Her incapacitated side may be an homage to this image in Batman: Knightfall, where Bane holds a broken Batman above his head.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Wraith Letters Page episode Letters Page Episode 2 written out by WalkingTarget:
    • Imbued Vitality for her Hair Dryer has a "cartoony voice that sounds like a hair dryer". Now that they're no longer in the Realm of Discord and their gear is no longer animated, she's still occasionally wondering "Is it still in there yelling its stupid hair dryer voice at me and being really eager to fight crime?" We have not yet seen the last of the hair dryer.