Zhu Long

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Minor Character: Zhu Long

Zhu Long.png

Name: Zhu Long
HP: 8
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Baron Blade
Nemesis: Mr. Fixer

The True Form.png

Name: The True Form
HP: 13
Title: Master Dragon
Found in: The Temple of Zhu Long
Nemesis: Mr. Fixer

Main Episode: Has not had an episode yet

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  • Zhu Long first appeared on the Mr. Fixer card “Pipe Wrench.” His card art seems to confirm that Long and the dragon pictured on Mr. Fixer’s “Overdrive” card are the same being.


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To Other Works

  • Zhu Long is an homage, both in character and design, to classic “yellow peril” villain Fu Manchu
  • At his temple Zhu Long has a pool used to revive people as seen on the card Rites of a Revival. It is known having gone through this that Mr Fixer isn't himself upon his resurrection. This is similar to Lazurus Pit used by the Batman villlain Ra's Al Ghul